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And welcome back to forum I'm Scott, Shafer here today for, the rest, of this hour we're gonna be talking about something of a political shakeup of sorts, that, happened at, the state. Democratic Party meeting in Oakland this. Weekend a bit of an embarrassing snub of US Senator Dianne. Feinstein, the party's executive, committee handing the party's. Official endorsement to her fellow democrat state Senator Kevin de Leon so why did the party reject Feinstein who, overwhelmingly beat deli owner in the. June primary you may recall well for that. We turn to Murray Salah us, from, k., q. itty politics. In government desk research good heavy hair, good morning, going away for a little bit I have back back with a bang bang live on forum well first of all just big picture here this endorsement almost. Went to. Kevin de Leon back in. February when the. Whole party Mets before the primary. He fell a little, bit short they need sixty percent to get the endorsement I think he got fifty five six seven something mid fifties, so this time, he got a sixty five percents What what is what's the message here and why did they why did the, party do this I, think this really speaks to the sort of changing of the guard that's happening within the Democratic, Party, itself as, you said. This is the executive committee it's. A couple hundred people this isn't the eight million registered Democrats. In, California who did, overwhelmingly support Feinstein in. June you know we saw during the two thousand sixteen election a lot of consternation over both the national, and state democratic parties perceived sort. Of snubbing Bernie Sanders and you know this. Idea that they had sort of, coronated, Hillary, Clinton you and. I were at the democratic convention two years ago Exactly two. Years ago, really and there was a lot of anger I, think among especially. Younger? Party activists about the you know? The party establishment and? The fact that they don't feel? Like they're moving as far to the left on issues like single payer healthcare and things like that so you. Know I I, don't want to discount this. I think it's a huge. Win for daily on I think this is gonna make it a much different race in. The coming, months but I don't know that it's going. To guarantee him anything other than some more money in a tension, and potentially more votes but I. Think it's still going to be a hard road here you know he, did lose all fifty eight counties in June including zone district Yeah but when you. Say it's going to be a much different race. Because. Of this house, so well I think it forces Feinstein who has sort of over the, last month had to take him more and more seriously, for for various reasons I think you, know even more so this does right if there are. Democratic slate mailers coming out with Gavin Newsom at the head for governor Dalians picture is. Going to be there and I think. That that will raise his profile and at least, sort of, beg Feinstein to perhaps debate him or just you know take this more seriously look I again I think she's still in a very strong position to win. But you know, look, at twenty sixteen you don't want. To take anything for granted as a career politician. Look at a few weeks ago with Joe Crowley exactly in the Bronx visit us, on that message to her and her supporters that you know this is this is a race of of a short maybe not. A super close one yet but at least something that they need. To be, watching we're talking for the rest of this hour, about this weekend's Endorsement of state Senator Kevin de Leon in the US Senate race against Dianne Feinstein marisha Lagos's here and we'd love to hear from. You as well if you're a democrat in particular what do you think of your party's decision give us a call at, eight six, seven three three six. Seven, eight six, again eight six six seven three three sixty seven Eighty-six the, elephant in the, room in some ways. MAURICE is age Dianne Feinstein recently turned eighty five she's the oldest. Member of the US Senate with that comes a. Certain. Gravitas and I, think we have actually Senator Feinstein talking about that very thing experience that, she has the Kevin Leon does not I think people, understand you know now ranking on judiciary, going into one of the biggest moment that this country. Has of course referring there to the Brett cavenaugh confirmation hearings Is it..

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