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Harder into the neighborhoods into those locations that really need it. Plus the link between the Catholic Church in the solar industry because of the increased use of cremation forecast says partly sunny today highs in the seventies. It's +701 Live from NPR news. I'm Kyle Snyder. The remaining structure. The condo building that partially collapsed in Surfside, Florida last month was demolished last night because of concerns about its stability. NPR's Liz Baker reports. Many of whom came out to see the demolition. A couple 100, people gathered a few blocks away from Champlain Tower South, despite push alerts, warning those nearby to shelter in place. Some carried American flags, others votive candles or flowers. Kaswell. Burrell came with his daughter and grandson. Earlier in the evening. He lives only a block from the condo building and wanted one last look before the demolition. Every time we ride by there will always remember those souls and family shortly after 10 30 on Sunday, explosions rang out and the remaining structure crumbled. Years. Prayers and hugs were cut short as a cloud of dust rolled over the neighborhood, and Spectators raced to recover with the structure out of the way. Search and rescue efforts can resume on parts of the pile that had been too risky to search before. Liz Baker. NPR NEWS Surfside Cruz demolished the rest of that condo building ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa. Forecasters expected also to move across central and western Cuba today. And passed near the Florida Keys early tomorrow before moving near or An event known as summer camp for billionaires gets underway this afternoon in Idaho. NPR's David Garrard reports. It's an exclusive conference for deal making. The CEOs of Apple and Facebook are among the executives expected to travel to Sun Valley for an invite only event private investment bank called Alvin company puts on every summer. Participants mix and mingle in the mountain air. And if history is any guide that could lead to deals, mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. Down and company specializes in tech and media. It's had a hand in Google's IPO and Facebook's. This year's conference marks a return to in person dealmaking. Last year's gathering was canceled because of the pandemic. In attendance this year is expected to be slightly smaller as executives based overseas stay home. David Gura NPR NEWS the World Health Organization, says Covid 19 spreading rapidly throughout Africa, fueled by a surge of more contagious variants. Lisa Sline in Geneva reports the W. H O was calling for urgent international action to slow down the third wave. Covid 19 cases are doubling every three weeks. W. H O says the highly contagious variants of coronavirus are raising the pandemic threat across the African continental whole new level vaccines are proving to be highly effective against the delta and other variants. They're widely available in rich countries, but not in Africa. W H O is calling on wealthy countries to share their excess doses with Africa. This is NPR. This is 90.9. W B. You are good morning. I'm Deborah Becker, a Boston rabbi. He was hurt in a knife attack last week, is speaking out about the incident. Rabbi Sluman Baginski was stabbed eight times outside the Jewish Day school where he teaches in Brighton. Baginski is now recovering at home. He says he wants to hold a class where he would ordain eight new rabbis, one for each knife wound. A 24 year old man is charged in the stabbing and has pleaded not guilty. Former Republican state representative Jeff Deal, says he's running for governor. He last ran for office against Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2018 deals. The first Republican in the race. Governor Charlie Baker has not said whether he's going to seek a third term. State Senator Sonia Chang Diaz, Harvard professor Daniel Allen and former state Senator Ben Downing are seeking the Democratic nomination. Meantime, despite not being officially in the race, state campaign finance data show Governor Baker raised more than $90,000 last month, his largest fundraising haul of the year. That's more than his past five months of fundraising combined. Local students who struggle to get online at home during the pandemic could have an easier time when.

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