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Yeah. I mean, some foot tall. How many, how many from Kevin Durant to shave back in the day. How. How many pick a basketball player you go? See a man who got necks, can I get a run and that guy, seven foot tall kids you the ball thirty. What were those guys that normally got that size? He's a Senate. He the true center just one. Exactly. And you know what? He has become the best player on the planet. See how far you go. This is just heard proof Noah's Notting and you can't stop it. He's twenty nine years of age, and he has arrived as the best player on Andre Drummond saying it's it's just part and parcel process because you've been watching the videos online. You can just see Kevin playing. I don't shoots all this, but just didn't pick up games and I just sit back in all of it because he is playing selfish basketball, he'll bring the ball up. We see now various moves. It's just that's not fair, not only seven feet tall. He has a seven, four wingspan. If you've ever stood next to him, he's long seven feet, yes. Like long. The ball art. It's not fairy cannot happen and he'll take the ball down the court. Sometimes he'll just dribble the link to the court and nobody can keep him from the basket because he's releasing the ball so high above the basket. He'd just laying it up off high off the glass and nobody can touch it and then you gotta worry about with ahead. They pull up the heavy pool up is he said the other day from fifty. I don't think it's from fifty, but it can be from thirty in the you mentioned, he can get to the real. He can do all of the above and and yet I still don't get this. You defending LeBron the other day on the video game rating, he had a ninety, seven. What was Kevin? I can't remember. He's not five. It will air by Arab, so it's just wrong. No, it's just listen. The point is Kevin went to Golden State to play the right way. So he does in his own way like LeBron also plays the right way, but Kevin, indifferent different way plays the right way because as eagle also said, remember, e dollars highly respected this league. He is a high best ball. I q and he goes deep and he said, the other day people don't appreciate Kevin Durant enough. He's the most talented score of all time. Well, that's a mouthful now because we seen a lot of players come down the pike, include Michael Jordan occurring. And he's just saying he's a walking thirty points because he'll get thirty on twelve shots. He says, that's very, very hard to do. Kevin can just pick his spots and you can't stop him. And if this team needs to score, he just score and we just saw back to back game threes in lebrons house turning point game where the whole series could've swum back the other way in which Cleveland held leads late in the game and Kevin Durant just said, no, I got this. And that's why Steph curry, welcome Kevin Durant into their fold and said, hey, you're the man now, right furred but only only guy that really goes into a pickup game that would go into a pickup game would probably be Magic Johnson Ola, Brian, trying to get others involved because that's their mindset. Kevin Durant doesn't have that mindset. He knows that what he he's an assassin he he would. He came to Golden State knocked up Acilitator what you call selfish? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Kobe Bryant, but he was the most selfish year I ever watched. He's gonna gun it right. He's just gonna Kevin. Not really trying to take bad shot. There's not a in Kobe's mind. There's not any bad shot. As long as a shot is a good shot. Have court thirty three dead Matt away. Kobe Bryant made a lot of bad shots. He made. He made a lot of tough back Zeba k. d. skip because of his mindset and he doesn't have to pick up game. Nobody really goes into a pig of games. Man, I'm gonna try and get me Tennessee's. Nobody goes into a pickup game thinking that everybody's trying to put the ball. I mean, that's what you do rocker like you're a legendary assist me..

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