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I'm Adam that ATM Mung M. O. G. From a mere Loma California and my message is happy. Birthday Bruce springsteen my favorite artists hi. This is Justin Cantor from the Park New York Bruce Happy Seventieth Birthday. Your music means so much to me and my father who introduced me to your music twenty two years ago. I became a huge fan of yours ebbing to so many shows of yours or like eight or nine but I went to the river tour and Saddened Sixteen six times I went to your show in buffalo expecting show in the Barclay Center and the first show Metlife by star that would thanks fevered show of you all. I I have all the lakes shows of yours from net. No are nice net listen to every day. You're an inspiration to me and if your music have a happy communes birthday Bruce Hey bruce this is Marsha from the Great State of New Jersey. Just wanted to wish you a happy seventieth birthday and thank you for everything that you've given to all of us fans for many many decades of your great wonderful music again. You just have a great birthday. Hope you celebrate in style as I know you will and sending lots and lots of love. Thanks bye bye Hi this is Barbara Quinn. The author of the summer springsteen songs save me. I want to wish bruce a very happy seventieth birthday and thank him for being the inspiration for my latest novel and also for being there throughout so many difficult difficult times throughout my life. Happy Birthday Bruce in nineteen seventy five. My husband Pat brought home an album mm-hmm born to run and said listen to this when the children were in bed. I listened and I listened again and again the next day I went out and bought your previous. Two albums PAT bought tickets for the second show at Hammersmith Odeon and what a show that was. I talked about it about you about the band anyone who would listen while here we are nearly forty four years later and what a ride it's been new friends were made new cities and countries visited and all the time. There's been your music which has seen me through some of the best and the worst times James. My Man died twenty one years ago. He would now be seventy one. I'm already seventy five months older than you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more years of good health and time spent with family good friends and fabulous audiences. Thank you.

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Bruce Springsteen, Park New York Bruce, Bruce discussed on Set Lusting Bruce: The Springsteen Podcast

Set Lusting Bruce: The Springsteen Podcast 9 months ago

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