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Taylor has more. Witnesses are providing key information on the last leg of the trace. Now Wilmington police chief Robert Tracy says two people were practically jumping out of the Acura that hit the bus before impact. And he says witnesses saw one of them with a gun in his waistband, we know two people failed from that vehicle. You're also says two more passengers were left behind in the vehicle, but no one was rounded up twenty year old Dewan Robinson who remains on the loose was wanted for questioning in connection with two murders. And there was a warrant out for him on a firearms violation in your hot pursuit. You can continue to you across state lines on felonies reporter's question, Tracy about whether protocol was followed Wilmington police went over state lines, and we're joined by state police until Wilmington cops and the state police collided on. Ninety five between the airport and the Girard point bridge should Wilmington cops have handed the chase off of state police. Could it be a training issue? Could it be disciplined? I'm waiting to see all those things come in place. So I don't wanna make a comment because of the rights of the offices right now at this point, Steve Taiwa KYW NewsRadio a key witness in the trial of the man accused of killing a temple university. Student will take the stand again today after a full afternoon afternoon of testimony yesterday. Josh opportunites is charged with murdering Jenna burly in August of two thousand seventeen and taking your body to a relative's house in the Poconos question. John Hanson reports for the criminal Justice center there. Roommate Jack Miley who lived with Josh Roberts told the jury they went to the bar together. Drank a lot and smoke some weed, but that even home by himself prosecutors show video of my leaving the bar by himself and walking into his apartment alone. Key testified he then went to sleep in the front bedroom near the seer case of the two. Afford apartment with a fan turned on close by and that he never heard a physical fight going on or screams and neighboring the building testified to hearing Burley was found beaten stabbed and strangled inside a blue.

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