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Plus get up to four hundred dollars in savings jump to save big sale online or in store I've met bear with traffic on the fights father was on Twitter W. I. B. C. traffic. Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist what's going on. got a cool start across central Indiana with temperatures in the upper forties lower fifties look for lots of sunshine this afternoon high temperatures right around sixty degrees are gone hi it's seventy still right around normal for this time of year of mostly clear cool and comfortable tonight with lows near forty eight on Saturday lots of sunshine highs near seventy five but a few spotty showers will be possible Saturday night the first part of Sunday Sunday's high right around seventy two that right there is Tara Hastings terra thank you wish TV meteorologist is fifty three degrees right now in the American standard cooling weather center the time is seven a seven this hour on ninety three W. I. B. C. is powered by right heart heating and cooling your American standard air dealer in Danville. yes. today we reported. ana tak in France. four people killed inside a police station not too far from no to down. stabbed to death the person the suspect work there that was all. that was known. we now know that it was indeed somebody worked there twenty years of their. three of the four people killed were police officers the fourth and ministry. working for the police force since two thousand three never a concern. N. as the reporting does this from CBS news. recently converted to Islam. now. people are gonna tell me how dare you and my answer is I'm going to report the story. I'm going to share the story as we know. this story. turning cats ninety three W. IBC good morning so good to be with you. whether or not exact reporting flushes out I mean I've got this down a couple different spots so I had no problem with with sharing it doesn't create an issue in terms of those people like all you can say that that's not a that's not a reason we don't.

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