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Through the eighteenth now ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. job perfect weather for that tennis sunny and eighty five today right now in Cincinnati sixty four degrees news is a service of R. L. carriers offshore shipping today in Dayton families and friends left morning lives lost in the organist Rick Nash shooting will begin to bury the dead the funerals are scheduled today for six of the nine people killed in Sunday's attack which also left more than thirty people injured the remembrances will take place at churches and funeral homes across the Dayton area as well as in West Virginia and in Pennsylvania another two services are scheduled for Monday back here at home Hamilton County prosecutor Joe deters says during a news conference yesterday that the man shot by police thirty six year old Robert Schneider a suspect in several armed robberies in a carjacking in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky had died he said that the shooting was justified that was carried out by officers after a pursuit we think about the hell he put that little girl through the store clerk through the police officers through everybody through he has no feeling for anybody he's eight he was clearly a menace to society Schneider had a gun that he pointed officers during the incident but what it was said to be broken and unloaded deters simply call that gun a piece of crap and I'll read update news.

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