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And then they did. All right, Mike, but before we say goodbye to everybody, let's go through some of the really fun records broken in this 2021 season. 12 players this year, who wait at least 300 pounds, scored a touchdown. And week 16, four of them did it in one single day. That's the most in NFL history. Never before in NFL history have four, 300 plus pounders, scored a touchdown on one day. That was Dallas's Terrence Steele. The jets Connor McDermott, the eagles, lane Johnson and Jacksonville's will Richardson. Okay, legit when you said all of those 300 pound guys, I only knew one. And maybe most fans didn't know any of them or maybe the die hard ones that were watching, you know, it happened to be a Dallas fan or a Jets fan or a Philly fan. Jack, they would have known. But I got to cover Connor McDermott when he was in college at UCLA. I sought, I went nuts at home because he is like the nicest dude ever and actually one of our producers is a Jets fan and just because of that we just thought we would play the audio. Fake from Wilson. Here they come. Wilson to the end zone. It is caught touchdown. Conor McDermott going airborne for the jets. So much fun to see those kind of plays. Mike, right? It was awesome. It was awesome. Also awesome to hear my college buddy Spiro Adidas on the call on that one. You know, I actually teased this a little bit earlier and I actually knew the answer because I was working with one of our friends and colleagues in Rhett Lewis. I was hosting a radio show with him, and he threw this question out to me as a trivia question. With our newest unlimited plan, everyone's welcome. Introducing welcome unlimited from Verizon for just $30 a line per month for four lines. With auto pay plus taxes and fees. Our best priced unlimited plan ever. Did he say $30? Yep, $30 a line for the whole family. 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And I was ashamed because I can only name two quarterbacks that could have been in the mix, so I actually got it right, but that just by dumb luck. So I threw out this question about Notre-Dame quarterbacks. And a DD one Ian book started at QB for the saints on Monday Night Football in week 16. And lost. It was the 24th consecutive loss for a Notre-Dame quarterback in the NFL, which is mind boggling. And here's some of the guys Ian book, Shang Kaiser, Jimmy clausen is one of those guys. Brady Quinn, the other one. So red had asked me, he's like, who's the last one to get a win? So I was like, oh, maybe it's Jimmy, maybe it's Brady Quinn. I went with Brady Quinn, but it was Brady Quinn. And I actually had forgotten that he wore that Kansas City uniform. Beat Cam Newton's Carolina squad back in 2012. It is wild. My birthday. Oh. It's my birthday. I remember that. So you remember that exact moment. You're probably on a football field somewhere, covering a game on your birthday. Knowing you. But this is kind of wild. Notre-Dame's starting quarterbacks during that 24 game losing streak, O one 24 clearly, 54% completion percentage, 15 touchdown passes. Oh, this is what's going to get it. 32 picks. Well, here's another little fighting Irish nugget before Tom Brady, a Michigan man came along. Notre-Dame actually had the most Super Bowl wins of any college. And that's because of Joe Montana and show theisman, who incidentally, when he was growing up in south river, New Jersey, his name was pronounced Joe these men, and it's when he went to Notre-Dame and they wanted his name to rhyme with Heisman that it became theisman. Oh, good no, I didn't know that story. Little fucking south river, New Jersey is right next to east Bernstein New Jersey, which is where I grew up. So, you know, these are things we just learned. Things that you get on the NFL explain podcast. That's a bonus nugget for you. Fans in Cincinnati, they have had some up and down moments over the years coming up here on the NFL explained podcasts. I will give you a nugget that will have every fan who wears a Bengals Jersey smiling ear to ear. That's coming up on the NFL explained pop. This podcast is sponsored by Kendra. Kendra designs builds manages and modernizes the mission critical technology systems that the world depends on every day, working side by side with their customers, they imagine things differently. By forging new strategic partnerships, they unlock new possibilities, creating a world powered by healthy digital systems alive with opportunity. Oxygen to innovation and energy to change the world. The heart of progress. Kendra designs builds manages and modernizes the mission critical technology systems that the world depends on every day. Working side by side with their customers, they imagine things differently by forging new strategic partnerships. They unlock new possibilities, creating a world power by healthy digital systems alive with opportunity. Oxygen to innovation and energy to change the world. The heart of progress. Back here on the NFL explained podcast Mike yam and Adi kinko balla with you. All right, let's just continue jumping into some of these records. All right, here's another bonus one, and I hate to do this one as having grown up as a Giants fan who wants to give roses to the cowboys, but we have to give roses to Dallas quarterback deck Prescott because week 16, he threw touchdown passes to a running back, Ezekiel Elliott, a tight end, Dalton Schultz, an offensive lineman, Terence Steele, and a wide receiver, Amari Cooper. This happened one time before and it was our colleague and friend who, of course, is also been one of our podcast guests. Kurt Warner, who did it in 1999. Got it done in the playoffs. Speaking of getting it done in the playoffs, my guy Rob Gronkowski got to give him some love passing Tony Gonzalez for the most career 100 yard games by a tight end in NFL history. 30 two of them at DD 32. I mean, that's just wild to me. How about this one? Do you know who the first quarterback is with a rushing touchdown in the first 5 games he played? I'm back. Cam Newton. Cam Newton rejoined the Panthers mid season and in his first 5 games back, each of them featured a Russian touchdown. Yeah, and he was yelling. I'm back. I'm back, which was kind of cool. Except that he went zero and 5 in those games. Yeah, we don't have to talk about that. So let's just keep this thing positive here. Longest all right, we had the NFL had its biggest season ever. The longest day of football in the last 50 years from the London kick-off if you missed our international show, got to go back and check that one out. But the London kick-off to the end of the Sunday Night football game 15 hours and one minute back on October 10th of 2021. That's

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