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As you said. I was pretty surprised. Kindle sheffield the roster But yeah as you said. Jalen hawkins really made his presence felt in that He was the titans team. Plays out yet sack but Yeah it's it's a bit of an unknown position group for me Or of you know. I guess like the offensive line. Not necessarily you. You have one guy. You're pretty positive is gonna be good in a few question marks there so We'll see what happens. i. I think they'll to wait and see for this. I think the eagles will be a good trial. Run for this group because now you have a quarterback entering his first season as starter Ponte smith it'll be get good test against these cornerback keeping speedy but he's inexperienced so We'll see yeah this. We're gonna have. Eagles preview on the podcasts In the next day. Or and that's one of the the matchups. I'm really eager to see. Because i think it'll be a good a decent test not like tom brady esque task Against the secondary but One nonetheless that should give us some idea where these guys stand But yeah that's that is where we stand with this team going in. How are you feeling overall about the the team that roster the coaching. Where from where i'm coming from i feel like in. This'll be proven over long-term. Obviously i feel like arthur smith has all the makings of being a good head. Coach of the fact that dean pees came out of retirement to coach with him. I think is pretty telling It's a good sign. You mentioned it earlier. You know the no nonsense approach. That smith takes i think is is a good strategy for him and really probably the most effective one in coaching especially nfl. But right now i i. I feel like this team could win games. But they are one injury away like one key guy going down and it's going to derail the season. So what's your take on that. How do you feel about the coaches the overall roster construction as it stands in the first year underfunded smith. Yeah as you said the the big question is whether there one injury away from you know disaster on any side of the field relief at this point but You know i again. I think that the the hope for this team is is usually. The falcons have done very well with first year. Head coaches when there's been zero expectations. I mean the falcons. They went one. Weren't twelve year before mike smith. Got there in you saw how depleted that roster was before it got there and they make the playoffs that first year Same thing with dan quinn. I think he started six hours for season. With the falcons. I mean again. I think again quit inherited a little bit more talented. Mike smith did but again. I think the point remains that turnarounds in the. Nfl happened very quickly. The the biggest problem with.

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