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Down this has been one of the most difficult days of my life. I'm an extremely private person I stuffed up in my personal life. Except that. And whilst Shah I have made. This mistake in my posts and life. I intend to serve the people of New South Wales to the best of my ability. Opposition late Jodi, McKay came out swinging have a listen. Let spare g clan has no choice. But to resign if you thought you knew gladys Berridge Ikley and then think again, these premier is a fraud and today she Spain. Victoria now and over nineteen thousand fines valued at more than twenty seven million bucks been issued to people flouting Corona rhinovirus restrictions. But an overwhelming majority of the rubric is on paying up early eight, hundred, forty-five fines about one point four, five, million dollars have been fully paid eighteen percent of reach the final demand stage after which recipients risk having property seized or even being sent to prison I've. Essays now and their are fees Pope Francis may have been exposed to covid nineteen after four members of Swiss God tested positive. The gods are now in isolation and contact tracing is being conducted now on Monday department with Cardinal George Pell who recently returned to the Vatican after being acquitted child-sex-abuse photo showed the two men meeting without wearing masks. We'll take a break and be back in a moment. In travel news now and Tourism Australia of husband and wife team, Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake for a seven million dollar campaign designed to encourage these to take local holiday. Now, a K. message of the holiday here this.

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