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Involving today forty plaintiffs in almost three hundred million dollars in damages. The lawsuit over the twenty fifteen ride the ducks crash that killed four and injured. Dozens could have that the verdict today after the plaintiffs accused the companies of operating the duck boats in a negligent way as well. As major maintenance issues in addition to ride the ducks international ride, the ducks Seattle, the city of Seattle and state of Washington also named in this lawsuit. Senator from the Pacific northwest continues to make his case for shutting down detention camps that have been set up for undocumented migrant kids children fleeing persecution. Seeking refuge in the United States awaiting asylum, hearing belong in halls and schools and parks, Oregon democrat Jeff Merkley turning his attention to one such camp in the Miami area a month after one in west Texas was shutdown Texas attorney general Ken Paxton says he's still waiting for Democrats to come up with real solutions. We have an illegal immigration problem, and it is affecting our state. It's it's costing us a lot of money. No one thousand beds were added to the camp in Florida after the one in Texas was closed Hollywood giant Woody Allen suing Amazon saying the company reneged on a deal. More from komo's Jeff Pohjola. Amazon has made no secret of its intent to build a competitive movie studio in part of that strategy was to Woody Allen to a four picture deal. But then daughter Dylan Farrow started talking more about abuse allegations. I was taken to a small attic crawlspace. She spoke with CBS news Amazon cancelled Allen's contract, but now the star wants sixty eight million dollars. Saying that a baseless twenty-five-year-old accusation that everyone knows about he's not a sufficient reason to walk away from an agreement. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. Traffic.

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