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The hour here on the DJB program I'm Doug Stephan with Jennifer **** Victoria queue and cara is off this week so we are at the issues of the day the normal overview of what it is now as good as his nurses thing has normalcy right every day everything seems to be in play no matter what time of year it is we like to think that we can push all the other the rest of the world out of the way right just push everything from now to Christmas push everything out of the way but that doesn't work sometimes I'd like it to work but it doesn't they're all kinds of things happening around the world and so may require some coverage consternation and verification sometimes comments but then we move on into the Christmas tree world hates the holidays these and that that that that that so Jennifer you got your a Christmas tree as you know yeah I've had my Christmas tree since before thanksgiving I was I did you get it locally where'd you get it I it's a it's a phase I'm about as hell for really if I if I was going to get a real tree I would be able to get it to probably this weekend otherwise it would get dead before California's not a great place for a live tree right yes I miss live trees and I know this year Victoria made the transition to fake tree as well there is a good thing if there's a good reason for doing that Victoria at this one I actually just pulled a specially for you because there is a tree so shortage which miraculously happens for your around Christmas time a lot of people are going broke in New York City trying to get a live Christmas tree so ho trees in Manhattan is selling at the city's most expensive a Christmas tree sixty five hundred dollars for a single Frazier fir tree no this is a big one it's twenty feet but it's sixty five hundred dollars you can get three Louis Vuitton bags for well we always got a freezer for a live for Frazier for this is my first victory ever it it looks okay but and why you have yes well because we got one last year and we have forced hot air in our apartment and it's just the tree died like right away and so it just didn't seem worth it again so we got a fake one and you know it it looks nice it's fine it's big seven and a half feet so it looks nice but we always would buy a freezer for her because I just love how they have almost of like a bluish tint to the needles and they smell amazing but our freezer for is in the in New York City we would spend for like a six foot three hundred twenty five Bucks every year so it's yeah I'm not surprised that but sixty five hundred is crazy hello I'm well who is what they're in for twenty foot tree I know that's true but they actually sell this if you don't want the twenty footer you can actually get whatever you want but it's three hundred and twenty five dollars per foot and this is all about those Frazier firs and lighter in demand he said were sold out and apparently according to this vendor and others who might be a little less six then this so whole lot they're still like yeah I mean they're still paying at least about a hundred Bucks a foot gathering economic crash of two thousand eight farmers in North Carolina Smokey and Blue Ridge mountains planted fewer Frasier's which resulted now in the fewer trees that are available as the reach maturity according to the national Christmas tree right Janet twelve years for for that yeah to the maturity so they're saying it at Manhattan's Tyler trees which is on tenth and forty fourth there's a freezer for that'll run fourteen ninety nine including delivery though installation instead of theirs that yes this lady who bills herself as the New York City tree lady her name is heather Nevil she upped her Frasier prices by twenty percent to eight hundred and fifty Bucks what the price reaches closer to thirteen hundred once you consider delivery installation Stanton tip which is all included so that's a deal it's the biggest increase that they've ever seen in sixteen years of operation according to this woman who is based in Chelsea she also pointed that big box stores like home depot I have driven up prices by buying out the small crop of Fraser's in bulk and now there's nothing left for the mom and pop so they're charging a lot of money if you're gonna be heading up smaller tree lots for the holidays so I'll keep an eye out those Frazier firs are gonna be expensive this year especially if you're on the east coast in New York City now do you know who Adrian Lovitt is no no no he is the head of the World Wide Web foundation and he over the weekend was involved in a press conference in which he said the internet quote is that a real cross were sitting and that is designed to authoritative we can't get it out he said I think we're in a place right now it is a real crossroads on one hand we can see an incredibly exciting path for the worldwide web we're nurturing a lot of people with information it's creative it's liberating enables people to build businesses claim their basic rights all the very best in the past twenty five years does it seem like it seems like you've been around forever doesn't it to a point but actually when you get right down to it the internet's only been around for about twenty five years yes and I'll gore invented it right exactly the right time yeah so on the other hand he said there's another path that we are more than familiar with which is a much more dystopian use a dark path we are increasing numbers of data breaches the further spread of disinformation misinformation the government shutting down internet access the different parts of the world censoring so all of those things add up to a moment of opportunity the World Wide Web foundation and the people there at the top of it is nonprofit organization I thought it was very interesting though Mister the other fellow co founder Tim Berners Lee said quote how we respond to this abuse will determine whether the web lives up to its potential as a global force and that that was interesting given that the house of representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bill to combat one of the biggest problems with connectivity and that's robo calls there were only three people hi this is Sally but because Victoria's representative Frank alone is the one who in it introduced this bill we all have real because I have so many of them it is I want to throw my everyone's us yeah Ayn Rand ranks is that there was that do not call registry which is just opposed never work day it doesn't work out then we're gonna help doesn't do a damn thing so what I hear the ones that come on the cell phone that tell you that the social security or social security is at risk people are freaking out about that that would be kind of a person does this sort of thing when we have these kind of human beings transaction with one of them how do you how did you I've actually only gotten messages left your social security it this is the social security office and you may need to call us immediately and all this other stuff which obviously I never call back but I I didn't know if there was a live person there so they were they trying to scam you and you answered yeah they they were calling it nonstop I mean what I say nonstop I mean literally this was multiple times every single day from the same number and they we have messages and that they would say I think it was that my social security was that was at risk for something in a way out stop and it so finally I just picked up and they said please hold to be transferred to blah blah blah so I waited and this guy answers speaking the king's English I mean really just you know give it to me but might I need what your social security number and I said listen here you Blankety blank yeah right stop calling my phone I know you're a scam artist you know go you know I'm not your radio dial out you no and so I was a little rough around him so then he all of a sudden I started on that he switches to his real voice which is with a heavy thick like era back sense and you start saying at very nasty things including that some of the nastiest word you can think of for ladies genitalia right back at me and yeah so finally I hung up and screamed I said listen I've got this number I'm gonna call report you the police blah blah and then I hung up and yeah I never heard from again so that was cool but it's amazing how he went from being Bob to like being some guy god knows where he's stationed Andrea yeah but see how many people believe that this is what's so I know about my grandparents who were wonderful and smart and beautiful people if they got that call they would feel left out yeah thinking that somebody had messed vast oceans secure not known as they rely on it yep sixteen past the hour on the DJB program with your Mayo Clinic radio health minute I'm Jeff Cole said the couple total very calm carpal tunnel is caused by a compressed nerve in the narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist a majority of the time doctors don't know why but sometimes it can be due to a mass or thickening of the tissues in the carpal canal and patients will generally complaining of numbness and tingling in may it happens at night time the orthopedic surgeon Dr sands CAC are says if symptoms are ignored carpal tunnel can lead to difficulties doing what were routine tasks women have difficulty doing that bra men have difficulty doing the top button on the shot doctor can't Kerr says for some patients wearing a wrist brace at night can ease symptoms a steroid injection may help although the effects can wear off over time the next option is a short surgery to open the canal and relieve the pressure the actual procedure takes five to ten minutes and it's amazing the number of times you see patients who say then realize that's all it took for more information talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo Clinic dot org United States Navy veteran Jack colder talks about the attack on Pearl Harbor and what was going through his mind as he laid in a ditch aborting Japanese aircraft I'm not sure hello or in the new age but is sent there finish you know or what well does rate and time and I guess my most.

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