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In on sale wasn't sure if i wanted to be in contact with my father um and at that point i didn't even realise how much animosity actually had toward my father because of everything that i had to deal with as a result of him going away when you decided to cut off contact was a deliberate you say to him i don't wanna talk to you anymore now i don't uh just my mother remarried and my step that unfortunately was very physically and emotionally abusive and in many ways he was the opposite of my father come and then similar in other ways i mean in the sense that uh mice the father was a muslim but he was a muslim in name only i mean he practice zero tenants of a slam unless he was in front of other muslims and uh and and he took great um he took in my opinion glee in physically hurting me and um um and it was just such a hard time in my life and i i resented my father um you know we would have these same conversations when it got to be too expensive or we move too far away to be able to visit my father um you know we would have these weekly conversations and i was going through so much and the conversations were always the same minority being good to your mother you are you making your prayers and you need to do this and you need to do that and and eventually it just got to the point where i thought well you know if you really cared about me in and about my life being good maybe ships stuck around and then you have those conversations did you ever eighty hand how could you have done as i was slot either way i made a jewish friend like i don't think gay people are bad anymore i do anything any that i was uh i was probably too afraid to confirm my father about it and uh and just disenchanted with our conversations it was like a chore for me um by the end um.

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