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Finn put his hands over his ears in his i caught something in the water to was the plaque there were three words that he could make out and they were familiar somehow something about them resonated with him and so he lifted his head and he shouted so all of the aliens in page in abigail could here you're not alone suddenly it was quiet noone repeated what he said his own voice reflected back at him off the water but still no one spoke abigail in page snapped out of it in walked over to wear finn was standing something told them though to keep quiet they didn't want to be the ones to break the silence all of the aliens crowded around the explorers finn couldn't tell if they were waiting for him to say something or if they were even unable to say anything until he did he could see now may and foggy flying toward them with viallet elias in mr sparkles intoe if he didn't say something now they definitely would and they'd be a lot less careful he put his hands to his ears and nodded to abigail a page who did the same my name is finn caspian we are here from the marlow to eighty interplanetary exploratory space station we mean you know harm we were told to come here by a friend but we don't know why two reeling our allies i guess said a man standing near fin the other aliens all grumbled an agreement that's right they didn't repeat what he said at through what do you mean said finn and what's that noise finn turned around a water in the well had begun to spin and lowered as though it were draining down some deep unseen hole.

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