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Quick Take This is Bloomberg Radio. No. A global news update. The number of those losing their lives to cope in 19 keeps getting worse. The death toll from the Corona virus in the U. S is now topping 350,000 Johns Hopkins University, researchers say. There are more than 20 million Coben 19 cases in this country. This comes as Americans are starting to get the visor or Madonna vaccines worldwide. There are more than 84 million cases. And 1.8 million deaths. New York State surpasses one million positive cases of covered 19 David Folk, Thomas has more governor Cuomo, releasing the latest coronavirus figure Saturday afternoon of the more than 200,000 tests reported Friday just over 15,000 coming back positive, and that was enough to push the overall number of cases since the pandemic began past the seven figure milestone. The positivity rate Friday was seven. 0.45% and there were 128 virus related death. New York is the fourth state with more than one million cases, joining California, Texas and Florida. The passengers and pilots on board a small plane or dead after it crashed Saturday. To a Michigan home. The five residents inside the house were able to get out safely, but their cat did not. The Oakland County sheriff's Office issued a statement confirming three dead. Home is close to the Oakland Southwest Airport in Lyon Township and investigation is now underway and a group of Republican senators is stepping forward. The challenge the results of the presidential election, Ted Cruz of Texas and 10. Others say they want to take 10 days to conduct an audit of those results. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski says She will not support that effort. Congress meets Wednesday to certify the results of the election. It's the final step to clear the path for Joe Biden to be sworn in on January 20th. I'm Jim Forbes. Sheriff's deputy and to Wal Mart. Security officers are being treated after getting shot at a store in the Washington D. C area. A second Loudon County, Virginia deputy returned fire. Wounding the suspect and forcing him to flee. The suspect crashed his car in the attempt and then was taken into custody. Deputies were called to the Dulles Crossing Plaza, Wal Mart. Saturday afternoon by store security because of theft. When they arrived, the suspect allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband and began firing. All three were shot in the legs. A North Texas judges. The suspect in the vandalism of a segregation era sign Lisa Bowl has more video posted to YouTube shows Ellis County Judge Todd Little telling another man to spray paint over a sign which used to hang over a water fountain reserved for black residents. Ellis County Commissioner Lane.

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