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They gotta figure out what everything that they play for ineffective they apparently hit their struggled holding it together last year and you think the demarcus cousins it's just like oh my god this is unfair we have no idea how this is going to work we have no idea if this is going to work and we really don't have any idea how good a player demarcus cousins is going to be so like to me it is preposterous way to people flipped out about this flipped out of biden and then went to a point where they are talking about now another guy in the way another guy went to a good team in the west so we need to change the playoffs eaton's because the west is so much better than the east i don't buy it i do not buy there was absolutely a time where i would have bought your argument about how much better the west is then the east in the nba and i would say the west is probably better than the east but guys do you know who the number three seed last year in the west was portland portland was number three seed in the west last year and they went out there and they got swept by the pelicans without boogie cousins though those are great teams like us idea that if you had like you could just take the pelicans and drop them off in the east and they would win the where would they be in the east i don't know maybe around where they are right now the east had four teams that won fifty games the west head to the west is crazy crazy crazy topheavy last year the utah jazz who lost gordon hayward in didn't really replace him with anybody won forty eight games playing in the west last year it was not this overwhelming juggernaut of a conference what they do have though obviously the warriors the warriors are at the top of the west in there that top of the league is with the idea the added somebody else spooks people okay i get that but i'm not saying why changing this playoff seeding thing is going to do anything that really makes the league that much different i don't i don't see it i also think that people don't think deeply enough about it if you are going to make such a change the change the way the nba season is played yet jay the ways scheduled so i think there's a value in having conferences where you play some teams three or four times a year neil into place teams two times a year i like the idea of having nba finals where you got teams that you really haven't seen play against each other that much i'm with that i liked the idea of having playoff rivalries where you set this up where you're in situations where guys can play other over and over again and had this to three year run so like the sixers and the celtics for example there's a good chance those teams going to be facing off against each other year after year after year in the playoffs i love that like i think those things are good and i think that when you will lose those things you would miss them after a certain point i also don't think that you wanna postseason with all the travel that's going to be required if you ditched this is the first time you get you a portland miami first round series you realize okay maybe may maybe does ain't the greatest thing in the world to do it i imagine for the players the idea of doing a series where you go in between time zones if you don't have to do that they'll do that nba finals where you go from like atlantic pacific madison monster on your body like all of that like i just think it's an easy overreaction to talk about how dominant the west is but i don't think the actual evidence decks up today and boogie cousins was thing that drove you over the line on that and yet now you you look at the world a whole lot differently than i do but here's the thing if you get past war he's not at the rockets seem to be a little bit decimated at you get past the warriors what about the top of the west is that much better than the top of the east at the top of the east is going to be a presume mm ably improved boston a presumably improve philadelphia and he's still pretty good toronto.

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