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It's all over now It's Bob Dylan I just singing these days He's been doing that for 60 years but now he's painting The exhibition of his art going on display in Miami Tuesday at the Patricia and Philip frost art museum 40 new pieces by the singer There's 80 years old to be showcase for the first time A 180 works in exhibition and runs through April 17th no word on if and when exhibition may come to our area Another family friendly Broadway musical was coming to the small screen You may have seen some of the stars during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday TV guides Matt Roush gives W TOP a preview of any live We're back to live musicals which is a tradition that NBC started quite a while back and now we're going to get Annie done live on Thursday night on NBC with some really fun casting I think that casting the empire diva Taraji P. Henson as miss hankin sounds like a lot of fun It takes some getting used to looking at Harry connick junior with a bald cap on playing Danny warbucks And then we have as always there's a discovery The new Annie her name is Selena Smith I'm sure she's not the first black Annie that has been performing the role But in terms of a mainstream production like this it's a nicely diverse cast also Titus Burgess is in it and lots of others But if you're a fan of the musicals and again looking for things for the family to watch together That's what this time of year is all about And I'm sure that Annie live will fit that bill Annie live errors on December 2nd on NBC The National Hockey League postponing two upcoming games with the New York islanders 8 players can't play on Tuesday because of COVID the GM Lula Morello discussed the media disgusted weather with a media Saturday The league over the past couple of years certainly has the best infectious disease medical doctors available both the union and the league flush their own physicians and we have to trust and we do the decisions The islanders by the way and last place in the NHL's metropolitan division with a 5 ten and two record The wizards pick up a win Sports.

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