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Yeah the the you didn't take classes and just i just yeah i took classes i was working to tower video and those like that with john lewis boy yeah yeah that was the job than than back on on sunset when it was on sunset your right across from the era of the wreckers or is on one side the video i only oh yeah yeah i loved it it was really fun and i didn't like i don't know i got to meet people and vienna working on a video store let's seems pretty cliche when you first move out here in that area like you met people yeah yeah i mean yeah likes you know silvester stallone i got some of us are sologne american pie leah yeah one um i remember the uh probably the best thing that happened to me there was a guy asks for movie i can't remember the the guy said a couple of people in in one of the names the sydney portia and i was the only one i recognized uh and i was like trying to put it in the computer and not i couldn't spell it it's tough man so then these ceo i t i e r e n unfortunately we didn't have a after a and so the guy left in then my ball said why did you just have sidney poitier spelling use zone khartoum name uh i thought it would be funny in that i never you know all idc's like john waters in cal ripken i didn't realize what celebrities but yeah tower video was great and then i started doing second city in getting like small commercial parts but yeah you got an agent i out an agent i did um i i did is play out here with jennifer fisher i'll ask her a tucker yeah yeah is awesome and so uh but uh bob odenkirk wife was there and to manager yeah no he odenkirk nammu formerly known a young tove narrow yeah that's a deep cuts i know rush i engaged i go back man wait how do you say the last thing i think is naomi young tove which is good day in hebrew via uh yes she was around new york back in the day i remember why she was there yeah yeah and so yes she wanted a senior management something she's manager and she wanted to see me do some.

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