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And showed him no mercy when they sentenced him to death by hanging keo he day is still awaiting execution today masami tsuchiya the front of here ueki son and the one who created olmes for a successful batch of sarin gas was sentenced to death and like you he day still waits execution unlike his other peers though he remains faithful to shoko and refuses to testify against him the only senior member to escape major indictments was from a hero joyu who was named the de facto chief of option rikio after showcause arrest the court was only able to charge him with fraud and he was released after three years in prison and 1999 upon which he resumed his position as the leader of aum shinrikyo under full me here as leadership arm shinri kyo changed its name to olof in january of two thousand did away with many of arms shinrikyo's more controversial practices and distance itself from shoko for me here also reached out to victims of aum shinrikyo and raise money for their families regardless law enforcement officials continued to believe for me hero is a threat to society it is because of him that there are approximately thirty thousand omission rikkyo member is still active in russia eventually for me hero started his own splinter group called the circle of the rainbow light which was raided by psi agents in may of two thousand seven to this day shoko asahara is still alive awaiting execution shoko as attempt to defame mental illness even going as far as to masturbate in front of his daughter during family visits to sell the illusion of his mental illness while some are convinced by his act others like courtappointed psychiatrist akira nishiyama believe that this is just the latest stunt by shoko to delay his execution by claiming insanity his defence lawyer takeshi matsumoto he however believes he suffers from prison psychosis which involves symptoms like hallucinations incoherence speech and disorganized behavior because of this takeshi believes shoko deserves to be treated so that he can be competent enough to assist his defence in an appeal years later taro here ueki air here ueki son were asked what they believe should be done to shoko here ueki stated his belief that most of the old followers had no sense of right and wrong after going through shoko quizzing.

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