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It is i want to show them something and watch them should themselves in and we'll watch them just get so engrossed so captured by the way that this movie moves how it sounds the uh the cinematography everything about this movie is so captivating and the thing that i would keep saying about this movies having seen it upwards of twenty times it captured me every time even though we know even though i know what was going to happen when a legion is pointing with his green pointer to the violent box that has the album that reveals the twist it so well constructed every single time even though i know it's coming i feel the tension i feel like running secretive about the twist even though he said spoilers aiming coupes we just alsayed at once like what the twist while i'm gonna go in who are being handed out airs hers isis doderer via nato is his daughter when you find that out yes yes all right so oh i love the shit out of this movie i think that one thing i'm excited to talk about this is similar to what you guys are saying is that i was really able to focus this time on how unique the construction of this movie is and how some of the audio and visual and cutting choices are so masterful and you know that's just one level we can talk a whole nother level about themes revenge truth the whole eta poll thing going on so we're gonna hopefully get to all that so without further ado lemme go into a quick recap but actually before that i wanna remind you guys that since we are announcing the next movies we're going to do the next movie were going to do is we're going to do david cronenburg's classic video drawl falk yeah though low is due flash long live the new flesh if you haven't seen it be sure to check the description of this podcast we're going to list of ways that you can watch it streaming and such and so forth so beyond look out for that and watch it along with us i promise it will blow your mind all right so onto the recap.

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