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The global times says the Trump administration is dealing with an increasingly strong China that has pressing needs the newspaper said Washington cannot push China too far and must avoid a situation. That quote, spins out of control negotiators began talks Monday on their fight over Beijing's technology development tactics. But there was no sign either side changed his stance. That is correspondent Jeremy house reporting. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average enjoyed a booming session at the closing bell. It was up by two hundred and fifty six points. Motorists lined up for a fourth straight day at gas stations in western Mexico's government continues to restrict pipeline deliveries. It's a step that they were forced to take to prevent illegal fuel taps the president. There's has fueled theft gangs. Have also been stealing gasoline right from plants. Breaking news at townhall dot com. China says it has registered stern complaints with the US over the latest mission by US navy ship intended to challenge China's claims of sovereignty over virtually the entire South China Sea security analyst, Brandon Wichert says that president she's claim to reserve the use of the military force capture. Taiwan should not take anybody by supreme are willing to do whatever it takes to take Taiwan back toward that end since about twenty thirteen. The Chinese military has been revamping itself and making itself. A more modern force that security analysts Brandon Weicker already a lot of people have managed to make their TV and tennis and set top boxes. Disappear now company is offering a TV that can make itself. Disappear. The LG Rollerball TV is a sixty five inch screen model that can scroll down into its base with Amir push of a button. It's one of the latest gizmos to show up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. LG says the set will be available later this year. More of these stories at townhall dot com. Did you know hackers in the US steel private information from smartphones and other internet connected devices, every thirty nine seconds using.

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