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Sons heeding tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the a tiers married to pomp in the traffic center good morning, Mary. Hey, Liz, good morning, a happy Sunday. We're off to a pretty happy start if you're out in traffic on a Sunday morning, one of the main caveats is whatever you find could be on an open roadway at speed and better news if you're on the beltway I've got nothing to report to you at this moment in time, but always on the defensive on the beltway between Virginia and in Maryland. On the Maryland side seat pleasant area, we're getting a report of a new crash. Now two 14 central avenue and Garrett Garrett boulevard, Richie rode, the crash could be on Garrett Morgan boulevard, so again, watch two 14 Garrett Morgan boulevard response was heading, you'd find that crash at speed. 95 in Maryland between the capitol beltway and the Baltimore beltway, nothing reported. Same if you're 52 or from the eastern shore following your traffic control signals, but they appeared to be all beyond an a normal Sunday configuration, two lanes are going to the eastern shore and three lanes go west towards the beltway, nothing inside of the beltway and into northeast Washington. We'll flip the coin into Virginia and it's all about the same. They did clear the disabled vehicle west 66 passing one 23. They still were on scene eastbound 66 just before the beltway along the right side watch for any flashing lights, but lanes are open 66 does remain at speed as far as we can tell from front royal all the way into Rosalind. And now a new report on 95 three 95 Springfield interchange the inevitable spaghetti. There is a crash within the Springfield interchange, no matter where you're going, north southeaster west, watch for lights. And, thanks to players like you, the Maryland lottery's first 50 years have been golden, so we're celebrating the new gold multi player or multipliers scratch house, excuse me, easy for you to say. The new gold multiplier scratch house, there's over 41 million in total cash prizes. Please play responsibly married to bump at WTP traffic. And a storm team four is Ryan Miller. And Liz, right now, temperature is much warmer than what we saw at this time yesterday. We're going to get close to 50° with mostly cloudy conditions later today, and breezy

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