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You know as long as we're all talking the same language gives us a chance. well they got more than a chance they are already at two would know now which you know this is this is good for them considering where this franchise has been the last couple of years so think back two weeks three a year ago Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL he was just starting to get comfortable just getting entrenched into that starting role for Kyle Shanahan the Niners offense they finish up four and twelve and two thousand eighteen the year before a member they traded to get garage hello after going through multiple quarterbacks in shooting his first year and so they finish up six and ten but they didn't run the table late in the season and there was all that open promise only to be without him for most of last year two thousand sixteen the Niners only won two games in two thousand fifteen but matters only one five games that was the Jim Tomsula year in which he was the sacrificial lamb they did him so wrong and in two thousand fourteen they were at least five hundred they were eight Nate that was the last of the Jim Harbaugh Colin Kaepernick years and gosh the roster looks so different obviously the coaching staff is different but it's been a while you have to go all the way back to two thousand thirteen for the last playoff appearance for the San Francisco forty Niners and wall you can't jump the gun yet we're only at week number three and right now there are three teams in the NFC west are all sitting at two or no this is gonna be a sight for sore eyes and virgin bigger Rapallo with you here on the Niners radio network to have three touchdowns ended up another interception but to to have that ability to stretch the field at the same time that you have a ground game that can amass more than two hundred yards rushing I mean they've added weapons around him but he obviously is the most important pieces gotta stay healthy he's got to be out there but this is the guy that bill Belichick wanted to sixteen Tom Brady if Brady of course had had chosen to retire at any point the last couple of years and this is the guy that. the Niners paid twenty seven a half million dollars to to because they believed in him that much because Kyle Shanahan believe that he could fit the system that he wanted to instill there in the eyes they were this goes for the Niners scored forty one points which to me was the big shock of the week and they go to two one no along with the Seahawks as well as the defending conference champion Los Angeles rams it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio let's get an update on survivor hi Lynn shall we I don't know about Kristen Dave but I'll tell you mom picked the Baltimore Ravens in week number two and we survived after having a conversation about how she didn't want to make the patriots because she felt like she needed to save the M. ori that's being cardinal fan and survivor pools you do not favor the one you go with what you think is a sure thing anyway she first said to me well I don't want to pick the patriots because I want to save them for when I really need it I don't know how long that's going to be she does all pick the dolphins instead I was like mom the dolphins are playing the patriots all okay then she sent me a text Dave I think you missed this because you're away. and I quote I don't know anything about anything so I'm going to pick geographically. we're doomed we're not long for survivor island but I told mom she could pick so I'm trying to steer her and culture but mom's got final phase so we survive by picking Baltimore what about you guys last week. the safe route I bet New England did you okay Vance and I feel like the first month is enough to give me a fee so I do a safe route for a couple weeks yes if a and here is my mom saving for sure bets of course she fella yeah. get it you don't get killed mommy does pick pick a winner Chris what about you would you pick I also went with the Lamar Jackson led raid. being me and we were very very safe and we work trend continues so what are you guys thinking about for this week I haven't even thought about it haven't explain to mom yeah have you guys thought about what you're doing this week I'm going to R. E. L. A. acts with Erin Rogers are you. you'll. yes they look better last week in the first half didn't score in the second half he's due. he's over what a four touchdown three hundred fifty down again okay yeah well that always works when he's deal anybody going to go with the Browns hosting the radio news do you think nope. let's see who else I can't pick either the Seahawks or the ravens moving forward man how bout Niners hosting the Steelers that might be one that I could convince mom to go for. would feed Buccaneers hosting the giants nope that makes me nervous eagles hosting The Lion. the easy one I mean I think a lot a lot of people will pick the patriots because poor Luke Falk hundred percent on the pick chart that they get their sacrificial lamb Luke fault yes I do you might just be a path I mean there might be a little bit of that except these from Washington state so they generally tend to be a little bit more laid back I think he said some sort of passing records when he was a Washington state he didn't look terrible he was composed okay he what is but that was pressed into action against the Cleveland Browns this is the New England Patriots for heaven sakes and you're about to be on the biggest stage in football if he's healthy at the end of the game will consider to win okay anybody good to go ravens or chiefs in that game that is one heck of a match of coming up pop pop the homes in Lamar Jackson same field two teams that have yet to lose the fee than anybody any takers with a lot of people are taken to use but I think they've lost their left tackle for a. the foreseeable future so doesn't doesn't help I guess I just realize you're picking the Packers over the Broncos that's right uhhuh well not pick in that one I think I'm gonna go Dallas Cowboys about get modded down it to that so I took with you when in doubt pick against the dolphins because that kind of year well especially since the games in in Arlington yeah the the the spread not not that we talk about but if it is a twenty one point seven leave right so you can talk about betting but I don't have any idea what you're talking about because I. twenty one points is that larger or smaller margin than the patriots are favored over the jets because they have a point larger is it really think because I heard that that spread was historic yeah the favorite stealth over twenty point favorites in the same week is crazy I think it's a story but it's wild now can I ask a dumb question. when you see a game without a line is it because there's some type of uncertainty so Vegas is not putting a lie down on that game is that how it goes like maybe a couple others cardinals of the because we don't know about cam Newton yeah that's probably why al okay or it could be that there's such in a you know a enormous favorite that this is not worth a bet kind of like the money line for the the which is just to pick the winner for the patriots over the jets right now it's not worth betting is you have to bet like a thousand dollars to win five books. doesn't sound like a good use of your money nope all right the crest give us the update on survivor island za alright so on our two islands on island one. we'd island Hey you we lost a hundred fifty soldiers this week we are down we her own two four hundred on the first island and on their second island we lost a hundred and thirty and we are down to two hundred so we have six hundred people remaining exactly. almost almost on the button it a little bit okay but that he could not I am so proud of my last year well Dave wasn't with us yet but I think and Chris and I were all out first week we were out all of us well I think didn't pay keep you forgot because he's the freaking box man. game park St Ryan Fitzpatrick as the jets bad he has done you wrong way too many tough. interesting okay so I'm I'm kind of proud of us but this week is another challenge in from my mom refuses to pick the patriots a with the back and steered toward. Sunday is the NFL on PBS double header we just talked about Pat behold with the chief they open up their two thousand nineteen schedule at arrowhead stadium again for Marge Jackson in the ravens he will not be flummoxed by that atmosphere but it is intimidating to play there then teddy Bridgewater and the states will head well they're already in Seattle but they'll be on the field against the Seahawks for a late afternoon show down with Russell Wilson and company it's a full day of football starting with JB and the guys on the NFL today on CBS begins at noon eastern nine AM Pacific and after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two for CBS I did see this tweet earlier from Mike soul answered on on the radio he says I'm just curious. do you win anything for winning survivor island. just was wondering yes in fact you do we we consider this to be an honor you may not you can join us live on the show for a future edition of asking me anything and you can fire off three of your own question so that's what you when you get to be on the show and with us live you're on the air for for I home show asking me anything now we've we've done this this will be our third time offering this as a prize the first time we did it. wasn't it survivor island last year Chris or with it March madness which we had a guy who won who was great he joined us on the air he did three questions and he was very thoughtful and and it didn't blow up in our faces that was before my tenure began on the O. okay all right well that was fantastic so last year on survivor island we tried to reach out to the winner right there was one sole survivor one guy one guy went all the way through the season that's right I mean I think credible I I don't even know I can fathom I can barely got a week number one for heaven's sake but we've tried to reach out to him and we never did hear back from him so unfortunately he didn't join us but we would love that because that's an impressive feat to go all the way through one survivor that lasted all the way through some of you have asked me how do you make your picks you go to CBSSports dot com you log in so you'll see the log in up at night to get the upper right hand corner the option to sign in or log in and then a across that that bar on the top with all the drop down menus you'll see the spot for fantasy here's the pool Homer if usually when you log and it will give you the various games that you are involved in an you just click on survivor island after agents it might even have our logo after hours CBS so yeah you go to CBSSports dot com you look you log in you sign in and then it'll show it'll give you the option of the ID card to be able to get to the page for survivor island. hopefully that helps I I did hear from some of you I I this happens every week I prefer to see my big Sir I forgot to do it I would go by messed up oops go swim with the sharks.

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