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So we can just karaoke for her foundation and carrie okay sondra always usually journey or pearl jam or anything like that that you know i need to like squeeze squeeze the the you know the what diaphragm so so we sang her broadway and it was an incredible night raise money for some wonderful kids and we're going on tour together this fall we're going to be playing here thank the garden in in october that's what i here yoki then do some cover sons you know oh my god now you've likened their music to carry all no he was just saying that they like to do they did that a fundraiser the karaoke going to be going to be like harry styles last night did everybody does it cover to you you need to do more covers is what i'm saying because edina manzella's repertoire is big wait till you get your purchase the you did election is coming your way and i put money down entity year ago for these tickets but i would love it josh growin can sing anything he wants i would love to see him hear him saying so funny turn into a sapling me yeah well dana i want them to be rock and roll at the same time like edina mundell she should do a cover of you know joan jett dyke surprise us she could do a queen size i don't care do something that makes us forget hugh saying go a you are you saying let it go yes i know and it's a wonderful song call in right now no i'm not kissing edina man salvador dali get her her mo jo for fun married isn't she dating someone hotter just got married or something good you don't even know something did happen joni what are you trying to be me me however may sappy ball laurie gosh anyway josh grobet and i wouldn't go see him don't you think he'd be darling very starling i i don't have any problems i think he would have been good on kelly to but people are getting used to the ri ri boy no they're not don't that's the he's forty six years old or something like that i can't handle it today listen to this the paper choya okay long time radio host is retiring at the end of the summer we we did not send out this no juice tiny someone that we've known for a long time we listen to his number one rated show with the guy on a radio station in the eighty s late eighty s and huge huge number one in the market he briefly worked he didn't briefly worked at our next store john and we went to london john donne hines he is relieving w c c o he is in on the radio since nineteen seventy one that's right eighties but he will continue to fill her time but he will work fulltime through the state fair has started the fair and he was the first makes me laugh i know he makes me laugh to she's just the nicest man yes he was the first non journalist embedded with soldiers in iraq but i love this quote that he gave to the search will be on i have had him will continue to a lesser degree to have the time of my life i've worked with john here at this yeah you did a top forty station in the late seventies a matter of fact i followed him on the air was heinsohn bush oh really bush so self deprecating memories all of his wife's and stuff oh my gosh she's just yeah he really is a fun i like it that you know they sit wc he would.

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