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Because of her petite stature fifa two inches and one hundred ten pounds she couldn't where us issue uniform and had to acquire a south vietnamese one on the black market she braved snipers shelling monsoons fire aunts and a monkey bite as well as west more orleans order it came after west's morlin saw denby faucet a young female reporter for the honolulu advertiser and a family acquaintance reporting from the field citing security concerns and despite the long tradition of female war correspondents west morlin decided that women would not be allowed to stay overnight in combat quote an edict like west marlins would prohibit women from covering the war it was a knockout blow to our careers we had to fight morressy merrick recalled in the book wartorn the personal experiences of women reporters in the vietnam war along with an brian maryono a journalist for the overseas weekly who later retired from the washington post morsi merrick appealed to defense department officials including phil golding after a round of drinks and morressy marks hotel room golding agreed to lift the ruling and if you are wondering if i slept with him more wrote the answer is no after her yell bowl conquest morsi merit confessed that in her quote excitement to enter the press box she had quote forgotten to learn anything about football she recalled with gratitude one male colleague who kindly guided her through her first experience of punts and plays quote some day a granddaughter will see one male thorn among the buds in a press box and will express astonishment at his presence in a female domain red smith wrote on the occasion quote it would be nice to be able to say then yes child but men used to write sports to why i was there when the first girl football writer dot dot dot.

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