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News. I'm Richard Cantu. Air Force One and President Trump have arrived in Great Britain. It's a state, visit the three day. Visit starts with a full, ceremonial welcome from the British Royal family, the president will inspect the God of ONA decked in full British military regalia before there's icon, ick. Royal gun salutes fired to Mark the occasion, the Queen will then take the Trump's for a private lunch at the palace. All this head of a sumptuous banquet Monday night, both the Queen on the president to make speeches out to dinner, but one notable, absentee duchess Megan still on maternity. Leave in Windsor. ABC's Julian McFarland in London before leaving the US, the president talked about the escalating tariffs on all Mexican imports. He's proposed to product country to stop Central American migrants trying to get into the US to do something about the border everyone's coming through Mexico, including drugs, including human trafficking. We're going to stop it. We're not going to do business, and that's going to be very simple in Virginia Beach, Virginia hundreds gathered to remember, the twelve people shot to death on Friday. The nation's latest mass shooting governor Ralph Northam has indicated he'll be pursuing gun control measures. Investigators have yet to determine motive we've learned the shooter had resigned from his job Friday morning by Email. Police say no major problems or disciplinary issues at work. They have yet to find anything glaring that might have set him off still about forty FBI investigators remain working that sprawling building looking for clue ABC's wit Johnson in Virginia Beach jury selection today in Peoria, Illinois, for Brent christianson charged in the thousand seventeen disappearance and suspected murder of Chinese scholar union Jiang at the university of Illinois, her body was never found Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law. A Bill banning red light traffic cameras statewide, critics say the devices are unconstitutional and contribute to crashes. Supporters say red light cameras make St.. Safer in generate funds for municipalities. You're listening to ABC and I heart radio station, news, ninety.

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