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Top three the first time man number one completely brilliant this is now in there as well if we go beyond the marvel canon we've yeah we've got hey that's enough about comic books and things let's go into some serious movie stuff after this beast nothing to do with the the defenders character is michael pierces film about a troubled woman on the island of jersey who's oppressed by controlling family but finds herself torn between her loyalty to them and an enigmatic and secretive outsider who may be caught up in some trouble here is the moment the mole played by jessie buckley begins to confront her family i liked to make a toast to my family for everything you've done for me give you out drama his joe is already seen it the london film festival and he's going touch to say it's very rare that i see a filming which is single before forms completely blows me away with jessie buckley managed to do in this film i think she was beyond brilliant hannah yeah i would completely agree with that i think i was surprised i went into this not knowing anything about the film and she is my nissim is a film that totally hinges on your ability to invest in hers a character and hose and actress and for so much the film she is on screen alone or it's just her and johnny flynn who plays press preska her boyfriend as relation to enroll flynn.

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