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Roller coaster ride. Let's listen now is popular time to be renovation again. But it moves such amazing story where you had this this idea that I think kind of broke at the time, it seemed metric seem to be very iterative people were kinda taking swinging for singles enough or home runs. This was clearly a home run. And then there were so many people who follow the rumored to be what sixty four sixty two companies out there that were were looking at something similar, and then the whole thing just went pouf after that. And now it's backing what is what is the story sort of say about med tech. And are there any lessons that you learn sort of from from that about the sector about yourselves? I well after I got through the depression one one of. We realized was you know, Mark says it's a lot. And I like it. I think it's actually a occurred quote, originally historically, Mantech has been sharp scalpel. Right. It. You know, men tech until you know, I don't know. Hey, speakers things like that. Early on, you know, valves. There is no such thing as a, you know. You know? Device where people sort of you had to prove it in in the sense, you know, my scalpel spending rece- cowboy or my, you know, catheter is better than your catheter or turns or whatever. But the you know, what we learned. What least I learned from the Ardian story was sort of two things one is that. People, you know, literally a couple days after that trial wasn't wasn't nnounced. They had this. Analysts call where the physician who got on the analysts call basically said really rations debt. We're done nothing to do with this. Is it even though nobody really even knew the what the trial was or what the issues were or you know, and over time people have been able to to to look at it. We took a hit certainly at least. People unsure people said are, you know, the smart asses. You know, they they were so smart, you know, knowing citing looking through science in this, and that whatever and it young. Week. I. Not sure I doubted that the physiology was correct, but I certainly was concerned of the translation of the physiology to clinical utility. And you know, it certainly made me down, myself, and and doubt the approach. But you had to you know. Well, even in hope that things would would would work out. But it was it was a it was not fun. Actually, for some reason, I was less upset with a number of reasons. First of all, I his large sort of obsessive compulsive in the details of Zelic pathway invited that time I succeeded his permit on visiting myself that are, you know, dinner ration- physiologically sound, and we started digging into the ticking, the sort of the first entry into Europe of lorden function and to stem circulation just in them through point of this big system elite or on the jisk- action potential deadlines that you have followed in the same pathways. We were there ten years before them trying to understand how to use modification of neural pathways to change functions of organs because most of the drugs that you need your body can create which is wise not doing it. And a lot of those nearly mediated. But soulages started. Ardenne for INA was just the low locating those isolated organic soluble nerves that didn't see that. There's this has the their dinner Vatian, I started while this is falling on the show on the threats of sympathetic is to treat all sorts of diseases. People don't realize now that the nineteen fifties Osma was a surgically created disease. You know, so many other things then there are stepped in taking appeal supposed to solve all the problems in. Our we see set buoyant, you know, the voting people are coming back to saying..

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