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Probably drinking blood or som- what he panicked panic. How scrooge mcduck had a vault of money you know. She has one of those basement. She swims in money in the morning. Someone says how does she. How does she stay young inactive swims and money in the morning coins text me. That's our voicemail. Text me we're gonna get anybody. Does this prove that. We both suck were hollywood hollywood's what the other. She has. Shit whitney whitney. We're you're on bad friends. Who quick god okay. I just went. Ask one question. Just we're just calling our friends. Oh no i do not want to do a television show. Let's do co. cost your podcast. When you're gonna know sir mediocre show who do you think hey first of all nice be nice to bobby. We're giving you a boost right now. The guest on dave. How thank you. And i tell you something. I want to know something i can say. Because episodes already out the first episode we were in korea. I literally said what about bobby. Lee for for any character in korea like a korean spa. Maybe like a mess ups massage. Envy or like a like You know like comedy like a spa shooting like hilarious. We wanted to put him in. I asked to put him in the korean episode and sunny sunny. He said he said they actually pitched it but there was no role for him so they wanted you in there but there was nothing funny. Did they were korean. Armed guards so yeah i did. Try to get him in wit. How many of you tried to get us. And how many shows have you tried to get us in bobby. How many shows have you tried to get us in winning. Could we get to the fucking point of the off on a bad start right. 'cause normally has a point of the calder me. Well no. let's say something nasty and mean. Well this is my only chance to ever be exactly. Just be honest with us okay. Who's more hollywood. Andrew santino or bobby lee anderson chino hands down. No i love you fuck you to give you a nice gift lori me blood i love you..

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