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Of fashion with politics and technology and and we have several different episodes that touch on this specifically and this is something that we tried to do these are the types of things that we talk about on dress you know our show is not about fashion in the context of what celebrity were what designer on the red carpet you know instead we're really trying to delve into the rich cultural and social histories behind clothing yeah we like to say fashion it's about more than pretty close yeah i mean that's totally how i feel about a two because you know i i'm not particularly fashionable i i don't think i have that much interested in the fashion industry and then i listened to show like yours that i hear all these like strange fact of my life is filled with weird facts and i don't know the facts from your show we're amazing i don't know about dress smuggling and about you know that that there's a memoir written from the first point of view of a feather like these these are really great stories that are so funny and interesting and weird and and it is true that congress is so intertwined with business yeah wouldn't sell yourself short mega that that airbrush that you're trying to bring back on that tank top something else something yeah i mean there are just so many good facts in your show but why don't you tell us about one of your favorite episodes many people know him mary todd lincoln as but european know about the woman who is responsible for her clothing and her fashion designs of the first lady and that was a woman who was her best friend by the name of elizabeth chemically and elizabeth was born into slavery and on the merit of her dress making skills and perseverance she bought her freedom and she went on to become biz premier dressmaker in washington dc during the civil war era so those are the stories that i really like bringing kind of these different perspectives to things people are aware of but maybe don't know the entire story that's really awesome i think we're gonna tear up the murderous military episodes here because it's one that i just loved so much and i know will enjoy it as well but do you want to say anything about it before we let the listeners dive in this episode really delves into.

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