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To click on it. That was just that's it. It's like our own inherent, you know, racism, so yeah. And how does that it's really this? Did that affect what was BuzzFeed's attitude about that? We're going to screw them or we're going to not put black people in our thumbnails. Oh, yeah, no, absolutely, wasn't that, and it's like what you just said, I can't get mad at, I don't even think people are that aware. I think everyone does it. It wasn't like it was specifically white people. It was like, that was something that a lot of us were programmed to do. Like, just be less inclined to click on something if we saw someone with darker skin color. So I don't know. It was like, well, you're going to get these, you're going to get these black people anyway, so good luck. And so for me, it was always like, okay, I know people are less inclined to click on it, right? But for me it was like, if the content is good, the word will spread. And so that's what I had to work with. And that's kind of the way I operated. I was like, well, the content is going to be good. So the word will spread. It may not be the most viral thing. And it may not be the most, it was never my stuff was never the most viral stuff at BuzzFeed, but I never was trying to make the most viral stuff. I wanted to make good content. Want a better life than you need better sleep. And if you want better sleep, you need the dream cloud hybrid mattress, with 5 layers of comfort, support, and cooling for the sleep you deserve. Order your dream cloud hybrid mattress today and get $799 in savings and accessories with your purchase. Enjoy free shipping and returns. A lifetime warranty, and a 365 night trial. Visit dream cloud sleep dot com today to experience your better life on a dream cloud. This is your summer. That means 6 flags in the taste of an ice cold Coca-Cola. We're talking thrilling coasters, delicious burgers, real moments together and this. Coke is summer refreshment when you need it most, so you can hop on another ride or race down a slide at the water park. 6 flags in Coca-Cola. Come make it yours. Visit 6 flags dot com slash Coke to save up to $20 on passes, plus daily tickets starting at 34 99. So was it basically, I guess, was it as a result of broke finding its audience with selling to YouTube, red and all of that, that I don't think it was that long at the period that you were at BuzzFeed. What led you to say, I'm going to go off and kind of try to make it on my own. Well, yeah, I mean, when broke sold, I remember where I was. I was at a bowling alley. And the grants gave me things. This is nothing, right? I sold my little web series to YouTube red, which no longer exists. And it's like, but for me, it was everything. It was the ability to make something that someone else a show that someone else wanted. And the whole show was filmed, they brought it completely filmed, all the episodes. We were just going to put it out as a web series, but they brought it. And I was like, dang, this is huge for me. I was at a bowling alley. I remember falling under the table and crying happy and my friend Zach cornfield was like, dude, you did it. And that was a big moment for me of knowing that I had the ability to make something that someone would buy. And I knew that's how television worked. So I was like, okay. And no, I stayed in a BuzzFeed for a while after that. For me, it was just, I think it was like 2017 that I left. And it was just that my opportunities were growing outside of BuzzFeed, right? BuzzFeed, it is a 9 to 5 job. And I knew I couldn't continue to work a 9 to 5. And want to write for I wrote on the show called laser wolf, which was one adult self adult women, I couldn't ask my job to let me go for two months to go, you know, right on this Adult Swim show, and when I wanted to do certain acting things, I knew I couldn't ask all from work to go film a pilot in Vancouver. Yeah, no, I mean, I guess it's really amazing. So you say you left in 20 approximately 2017. I believe it was almost 17. And Abbott elementary debuts 5 years later, so we've got in that 5 years basically, a lot of stuff happened that maybe the public didn't necessarily see, but that really was keeping you busy and also maybe probably made it possible for you to make a show like abi elementary, right? Can you explain what was going on in those intervening years? Yeah, so a lot of it was, I was always prepping with my manager to sell a TV show. I was like, I want to, you know, and I was drafting pitches. I was so I could always be ready. My manager actually pointed out to me recently that, you know, I had the idea for Abbott, in 2017, and I didn't even, but it wasn't anything yet. Do you know what I mean? It wasn't like just drafting. I sent him a list of the kinds of shows I want to make. And when it was untitled teacher, I was like, I was like, wow, I didn't even, in my friend Kate, a writer in the room. She's like, dude, you were telling me about the idea when you're balcony in 2016. But you just have an idea, right? You don't know when what is going to materialize. So I was always drafting pitches. I got hired to be a writer on laser wolf, which was huge for me. Like getting hired to write for the first time was just such a big deal. And life-changing. And laser wolf's not this huge show. Or even the show that someone in the air or even the show that many people saw, but for me, improved that I was a real television writer. And then trying to think, what happened between laser wolf and it was me. I didn't attempt to get staffed on writing jobs too much because I was like, I kind of want my own thing and I want to, but I want to make sure it's not time two time consuming and I also pursued acting. You know, I wasn't that interested in acting, but my manager was like, it'd be a crime for you to not audition for things. So I started auditioning and I got hired on my two co producers now Justin halpern and Patrick Schumacher had a pilot called history. Nope, called in of the world. As we know it, and I auditioned for that, reluctantly. I did not want to audition. I did not want to be there. And you can ask us in fact, I was just the most sour Susan. I did not remember I did not know the law. I kind of wanted to take it. I was like, I don't want to be here. I don't want to be, even though this is a pilot for The CW, which if it got ordered to series, would have been more exposure than you'd ever had before. Yep. And I didn't care. I was like, I knew there was some different things that needed to happen. And so I auditioned for it and Justin and Patton and rob Thomas, creator of a party down in a zombie. They told me, they were like, do you want to come back tomorrow? And I'm like, no, I don't, and

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