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Problem first of all let's don't get caught up in the numbers game because republicans don't vote in record numbers primaries their numbers are always low and primers but here's the thing about this if the conservatives have abandoned rounder and they did in the primary it may be that they just won't vote in november i'm not going to vote for that guy they may be so angry he what's he gonna do you can't take back his signature on the bills that got him in trouble in the first place those bills are law so they may just decide they're not gonna vote that's good news for the democrats but the democrats still have to get a turnout we had heavy early voting but we still had fewer votes than we need and we need to get more people to the polls but i think things look good for democrats in november now you have kwami raoul who's the nominee for attorney general he's up against a tough opponent make no mistake about it i think i think erika harold we'll be a tough opponent but she got a number of strikes against her including her statements when she was missile annoy an was being questioned and beauty pageants about what she would do with you if she had a child which she placed that child in the home of abusers are with the same sex married couple and she chose the child abusers now she says she doesn't remember making it.

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