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Or veterinary products mine. Maybe the maybe the fda does. I think that that was that was one of the main crimes was that these were these were non. Fda regulated meds if they were they were synthesizing allegedly in selling not alleged again in this case. But yeah. i love that that you wanted you. Want to keep his reputation intact. There's one thing i know about scotman jeannie and i don't know anything it's that he's a straight shooter. He's a he's a guy with integrity. Yeah i don't know i don't. I don't think that that reputation if he had that is going to go to survive these eighteen months in whatever he gets out. But now we're getting his little trickles Drips of a news. Sentencing coming down. So we're we're just waiting for those big fish to potentially be real in. Seems like it seems like now. We're at least we're we're on our way and guys may be in. This business won't be building moment. We binding blood builder explosion. Five thousand lightning at me more. The future one can help all right. So that's going to do it for this edition of the writers are presented by keeneland september sales going on now to starts in a couple of minutes. Sale runs through next friday september. Twenty four through to learn more view the cadillac at the world's yearling sale dot com. I wanna thank bill. Finley gabby got at for jumping in the abbey in christina. Boston akkas have the new podcast on. let's talk. Check it out. Check the first episode out now. The second episode is on deck soon. Also wanna thank our producer padding. Wolves are guest. Shannon arvin our associate producer. K for troon yet no longer katie reds. Any got married over the past. Couple of weeks patients katie. Were very very happy for you guys awesome. I think our editors antilock nathan wilkinson. Thank you so much for watching. We will see you next week. Hopefully back in the studio..

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