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The title of the book right you bring the distant near the book was originally titled borderline which is very dull i'm not very good a title and my editor at one of the poet that i i really we've in throughout the whole book is rabindranath tagore he's a poet and she began meeting all of its poem and she called me when we get it said what do you think about you bring the distant near as a title and i was just shocked because of all of its hundreds and thousands of poems that that poet had written on our wedding day thirty one years ago my grandfather had sent a translation of that poem give you read in our wedding you bring a distant near as a way to a brace the first foreign soninlaw and it ever come into our oh my gosh so beautiful right that is so beautiful wow so that title a lot of good memory oh i bet i bet i bet you're grandfather is smiling down i hope so oh i'm sure i'm sure he is you know um you say you called out of the fire escape to reading right wing you first move to flushing queens and you're trying to offer a safe place here for kids in in your website which is go ahead and give that out please yes it metalli perkins dot com i'll one work you can see i'm all over the internet you can do find the everywhere so and it's mit a l i metallic iraq okay last weekend yeah so so talk to us about that place it cia the middle east created in the book with your books i'm sure at a survivor of growing up hyphenated acting as a child it gets very complicated the rules at home the rules with school the customs at home the custom pool it they're totally different i felt like i needed a pass sport claim from school to home and home to school and that's when i discovered when i was a kid my sister took me to the flushing public library when we first moved here.

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