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Hey everyone. We appreciate you joining us in the Huddle. I'm your host 15-year NFL quarterback Gus. Frerotte alongside my longtime friend and co-host Dave Hager where we talked to guess about how Sports shaped their life. Be sure to check us out on our website huddle up with Gus, where you can listen to more episodes just like this now, let's join the huddle. Welcome everyone to the sports circus. I'm your host today just fraud on shuttle up with gusts. You can find us at or wherever you listen to your favorite song guests and we want to thank everyone for listening on YouTube and Facebook. Also we want to thank our listeners on Ki OS 97.9 in Las Vegas public radio, KC a birthday. And also the people on 1631 digital news today. Our guests is none other than careless in the Duke women's basketball coach new Duke women's basketball coach. You may know her from the WNBA playing at the University of Tennessee and all of our other accolades. She has a gold medal around her neck as well. So Kara, thank you for joining me on how to up with Gus. How are you? I'm doing great. It's exciting time for us down here at Duke. Our students are back on campus. We started workouts with our players this week and you just kind of got that beginning of the month. All those exciting feelings amongst the staff and among suppliers about getting started. Oh, I'm sure I'm sure everybody is excited to get back and get working because we've been in such a a downturn that was covered. But let's get back to when you were a kid and really how you fell in love with sports talk to me about growing up in Alexandria, Virginia. I mean, knew that place well from playing with the Redskins. My wife was a nurse at Fairfax Hospital, you know, I knew that area really well, but tell me about growing up and why you fell in love with sports. Well, I got into sports at an early age. My dad was an active dad in terms of putting us into sports teams. And we had a role in our house that you had the place for every season and matter what it was you could you could pick what it was but every season fall winter and spring you had to be in a sport and so I tried them all off. Um, I tried everything. I've played a little football. I played baseball played basketball. I ran track played tennis just really tried everything and wanted to see what spoke to me. You know what I enjoy the most and that was basketball. So once I got into fifth or sixth grade, I realized that basketball was my favorite. I still played soccer up until high school, but really knew that basketball was where I wanted to play what I wanted to play in college and at that time when I was in elementary school, there wasn't a WNBA So my dream was a plane NBA because there wasn't a league yet for for women and then when I got into high school, they they started and that gave me an even a clear path. I knew wanted to play college but then have dreams of being a professional athlete as a as a young woman. And so that was pretty special just like it is for a lot of players to get drafted and get a chance to fulfill a childhood dream of being a professional athlete but it all started for me back home the DC area. I still have a home in Alexandria, Virginia and still very close track of my childhood friends my high school friends. I'm actually going back there this weekend. So I'm there a lot. My mom is there and I have a sister that lives there as well. So it's very much home for me here. So, you know, you say you tried everything right? I think that's really good for kids today. So tell me how you feel about kids playing multiple Sports cuz I think it gives kids such an understanding of All the different aspects of what the game really is because if you just play one sport, you don't really get to expand your skill sets. How do you feel about that? I mean I can only say what work for me and to be involved in different types of sports really helped my overall growth and development not just physically because you utilizing different muscles and finalizing different types of endurance different types of cardio, but I didn't know all that stuff back then I just enjoyed that it was something new for me to have figure out and off and and so when you're a basketball player what you have to figure out and and how you have to try and look attack the game is different than when you're playing soccer. It's different than when you're playing football and it's different than when you're playing tennis or running track and all those things really are challenging you to think quickly challenging you to think clear and then teaching yourself to transfer now those thoughts into a specific actions for a sport. So for me, it was invaluable to be able play all those different sports. It also exposes you to different teammates and Different ways that you interact with your teammates on the field where in track maybe I was out there by myself and Tennis. I was out there by myself when I was in soccer. I'm out there at the same time with ten other players words of basketball should be four players. Whereas in football. It's ten other players, but some of them I don't play with on the other side of the ball. I mean, there's so many things that you learn as a young person that I mean deep were in like the how to win how to lose right? Like, of course, you look really learned how to win or lose but even deeper than that is how to interact with people in a competitive setting and when you're constantly changing that setting I think it makes you should just a better all better overall complete athlete in person. So how many times would you go to where there wasn't a coach a parent or anybody around where you go to the court you mean hook up for me? That's what we did all the time. We went to a field of Court. It was just me and my buddies or you know other kids from neighborhoods, and we really learned how to like you're talking about dealing with situations. There was no coach they're handling. Stuff right you had to handle it as kids and it taught you a lot about right and wrong and all the situations how to deal with them. Now. Did you have a court or a favorite place in the area where you would go play?.

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