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The bears defense that the best to get the cowboys lawsuit I said that man you can't give up the big play action pass with big chunk past the explosive passes I need to give up any and they got to continue with that mindset against the Packers that's really going to hinder off the attacker I think that the first in mind up another bowl right down the road at the tractor seat that's right down the middle of it because that's the weakness of their defense right now I think that nagging kind of got into a group if you need to be very tactical with how he goes about this I would reduce the split the party he was making progress but there's still a lot but bring the cost of those offices are closed the corners of the factors are really good unless they can't get your hands off their hands on that day they become a much less much less of an impact so that's something that the offense yeah we're talking to Dan Orlovsky he's our guy each and every week and the ten o'clock hour on Tuesdays as we talk about the previous bears game in the upcoming game so who are you picking to win this game you always have a pretty good handle on what the exes and ohs tell you what a team can do yeah but I don't know the phone last week of the man I I want to pick the bears so they do it I was really impressed so I know going to land those that I'm aware of that but I think that right now there's one team playing better than the other I think the fares are playing better than the actors and I think that means will only go so long with getting away you know there's a saying in the NFL winning covers ever here's everything no it doesn't winning covered everything and while you're waiting you can cover up some of the things that are going on with your football team I think that might be happening in Green Bay I know Erin said that he's okay with an ugly no he's not he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time he doesn't want ugly when she had standard so I think that there's a point that football I think the bears how to finding the group I think the bears their head coaching a quarterback are very aware of that while winning is the most important thing very next one in line is making sure that they answer the question tied to their job security in the future so I think the bears you have a good chance to go to Green Bay won the day what that would be it if that happens and there's some way that the Vikings could lose another game I know they've got to play the Chargers who are playing much better football it sets up a real interesting match up a week from now week from Sunday with the bears and the chiefs lock horns at Soldier Field what was your thought on the line manning last night because the old man had to play with Gail Jones out and the old man white did win the football game boy he looked like a kid again he was having so much fun out there yeah I I think he's a great story of a person being a professional and a person putting others before them I mean you like a very very much so handle it differently or whatnot but I do think you saw that childhood joy in the game of football and having some success he works pretty well I don't think that he thought I was the reason that the giants lost football games so for god that has that I'm not a factor but I want to start somewhere next year not certain either a step in the right direction with that being the potential opportunity for him but I just just the happiness of being in there and then the respect that I thought the eagles players Padian after the game no problem getting in line to take it that the opportunity to check it out I thought was very classy I and of course if it was you know one of the reasons why football surgical again do you think Eliza plant somewhere next year you think is right up into the sunset with his money and his kids as wife no I do you know what I mean I think I from what I heard last night you know you like that like I'm not a back up I want to continue to play and I think that this league is is always looking for people that can be a very impactful in the organization whether it's on the field for a young player that he goes to get the word out so I would have said this a couple weeks ago but I think there's a chance that you like those in play summer yes if you think Philip rivers this plate somewhere else next year wherever that is because he's not a back up either the fact that anyone right I need filters been Sandiego from the jump and I don't know so it's ready to leave San Diego obviously he has his family which is big and numbers are but I don't think he's got the competitive drive to just walk away right now I think bill is going to play somewhere else is well I think it's gonna be a very unique situation where no tell a few light breeze no no no no what those guys are going to be back in just the competitiveness that's a man have a great rest of your day and I will look forward to talking to you next Tuesday and hopefully it's previewing a big bear's chiefs matchup like that have a good day there you go Dan Orlovsky he and I were texting and then on the phone during the bears cowboys he was excited for how Mitchell Comiskey was planned as I was he's like dude I am so fired up for bid she looks so good I know he's got that ability and I'm so happy for that kid how come he didn't make any Twitter videos of him yelling the there was that excited like you because he's nobody was excited as excited as you except for Ryan pace yeah that's part and maybe Comiskey's girlfriend maybe maybe I doubt she was even this is excited yeah I was fired up and you know you could say that I jumped off the bandwagon five weeks ago when he was struggling yeah and I may again if he goes out is awful this week so take that three one two three three two three seven seven six is our phone number Jesse Rogers going to join us in mere moments and then a few minutes into it Jeff past sins gonna come from TV right here what a little bit of a baseball round table with Jesse at Jeff passing me Danny so stay right here will top white Sox we'll talk cubs eleven twenty five we'll have retconned tomorrow morning on the show on sat with us white Sox died GM told me will be with us so excited to talk to him Danny and I did he not stares at three set everything up I was getting coffee and I'm sitting with Jim tell me a joke you're already and the young lady who's the PR director for the New York Yankees Danny came over and he's talking to.

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