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Von linkages the descent of man. McQueen wrote on the back cover. Please look after my dogs. Sorry. I. Love You. Lee. PS Bury me at the church then forty year old McQueen hung himself. His family was in shock and so was the fashion world. Some. Critics blame the industry. The pervasive question was why more wasn't done to help McQueen with his mental health? There had been such clear signs something was wrong but as his own psychiatrist Dr Steven Pereira said it wasn't so simple. McQueen was very secretive and had trust issues. He felt disappointed by many of his friends. But he swung between being overcome by sadness from these issues and pretending all was well. However. His mother's death may have been the final Straw after she passed. He may have felt like he had little to live for. McQueen left behind a fashion empire, a legacy of groundbreaking clothes and dramatic shows yet the immense pressure to innovate despite the success and wealth it brought ultimately. So deeper issues. Money and fame didn't make him happy. Even if the world was wearing his clothes, McQueen wasn't the only modern fashion designer to battle a combination of internal demons, pressure and scrutiny. Eight years later in two thousand eighteen kate spade suicide shocked the industry. Knowing her brands happy go lucky reputation. It was a sobering moment. Like McQueen, she too felt pressured to hide her struggles in order to protect her business. These stories remind us of one striking reality. The glossy -ness of what we see on runways in magazines or social media is rarely an indication of quality of life for Alexander McQueen despite the wealth and fame associated with fashion the clothes he loved so much could not protect him from the harsh realities of the industry. Even fashionable armor has its holes. Thanks for.

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