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There was there was a great legendary one of the most successful barnstorming professional baseball teams was called the House of David and they all pretended to be observant Jews. and. Some of them were involved in unusual religious organization. But they also had a lot of ringers who just wore fake four locks. There were all kinds of entertainments. If you went to see a a Negro League baseball game in nineteen, thirty or nineteen, thirty five, maybe you could describe both a a proper league game and a barnstorming game since they were both such big parts of how baseball players and teams made their money what would you see and and how might it be different from what you might see at a at a major league park? Totally Different Negro Leagues Baseball was the pace of the game was just different and just I think they understood really understood that baseball was entertainment and that means that you weren't going to see. Great. Fundamentally. Sound Baseball. Man You WanNa be thoroughly entertained or again as my friend Buckle Neil would say you couldn't go to the concession stand because you might miss something you ain't never seen before you know that's what they brought to the game. So the taste of the game was faster Major League Baseball was essentially a base to base kind of game. So a guy got on base you moved them over to second and then the big hitters came up and drove him in net brought with that. But again, the Negro Leagues would drop that button and then they were willing to steal second still third. Smart they still in home. That's the style Jackie took with him over to the major. League Jackie Robinson and so the pace of the game was just so fast and daring, and so the major leagues would oftentimes accuse the Negro League players of showboating. Yeah. So if a guy went into, Ho dove flipped behind his back started to double play the major leagues would say show boat they just showboating well as again my friend buckle was a number one if you got something to show show it. Again is homeless show boaty when you can do it and today is sportscenter top ten highlight every night of the week. When you see that happened that was commonplace in the Negro Leagues and so yeah, the styles were different. Fans flock to those gangs because it was so exciting, you mentioned the House of David. The House of David plays a great role in the story of black baseball because they would barnstorm all over the country. Playing with and Against Negro League teams most notably our Kansas City monarchs and Jesse one of my favorite stories associated with the House of David and ever those I know you mentioned them and kind of gave a little bit. But for those who might not know who the House today house of David was a religious sect based out of Benton. Harbor. Michigan who would typically characterized by the very long hair and very long whiskers..

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