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Your I Heart Radio Florida Man News deputies rescued a naked man from a bridge in Florida's Pan. Handle, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office said. A deputy spotted a naked man walking across the Shalimar Bridge early Monday morning while ignoring the deputies commands to stop the 52 year old from Fort Walton Beach, climbed over the edge of the rail and dropped down to one of the concrete pilings. Who's with the Niceville Fire Department Marine unit helped out with the rescue. The man told deputies. He had no regulation of what happened and how he ended up walking across the bridge in his birthday suit. He was not hurt. Gainesville police arrested a man who stolen eight a woman's $5 bill, according to the arrest report. Henry Chambers, junior snatched a $5 bill from Kadisha grants hand as it was being handed to her. Chambers, then said Grant would die before he returned the money and put the $5 bill in his mouth chewed and swallowed it. Chambers was charged with felony robbery by sudden snatching and booked in the Electoral county jail. Yeah. Here's Dave Ramsey with today's Ramsey reality check. She did only works when it works. If everything turns out like you thought was gonna turn out dead always works. But if you're old like me, you've already figured out that nothing ever turns out like you thought I was gonna turn out. Not everything, nothing. Some things are better. Some things are worse, but it never turns out exactly like you thought it was going to turn out. That's not how it works. We're here Live weekdays, 2 to 5 on 12 50 Wh NZ Place is new Was radio.

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