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Mcdonagh mantha what time Dr or? And it's gets to the line Ronan it to mantha quit setup. Brodrick with a shot be fired at why do the goal Ken cow there with the call on ninety seven one that ticket fraud walk past cuts inside moves. Shot. At speeding. Carey price. Saw the Red Wings forty seconds into the third period on the board. It's not Montreal too. And the Red Wings won and the Red Wings go on to fall to the haves three to one Montreal's. Carey price made twenty saves to become the winningest goaltender in the history of the team. Also Tomasz Tatar who played for the wings from two thousand ten to twenty eight team had two assists against his former team up next the wings returned home Thursday to host Tampa Bay. Now to college hoops down at Little Caesars arena. It was second. Seated northern Kentucky with a seventy seven sixty six win over top seated right state in the horizon league tournament final as they move into the NC double A tournament for the second time in three years. Meanwhile, NewsRadio nine fifty is your home for Michigan basketball as the number. Ten wolverines continue to get set for Friday to begin their quest in the big ten tournament. At goes Giambi line talked about this week of preparation or prepping for three teams this week. So we we will learn from our last game. But we'll just move forward to try to get ready for we'll see three different defenses. We'll see three different offenses, and we'll try just get better. And you can catch all the action here. Friday nights starting at nine Tigers down in the sunshine state in preseason play with a four to three win over Boston and the pistons with a night off they'll get back to work tonight down at Miami. We check sports at fifteen and forty five past each hour. For traffic and weather.

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