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Sports talk seven ninety job jobless go put those headphones on a more i'm writing sally ann arbor in your salary black from down it baffin bay rod and gun club in the studio this morning here in houston and just love in the the tranquillity of the freeways hampshire it's easy driving it no one it cuts y'all it it did i at six thirty seven o'clock in the morning at wasn't too bad that's true the other ride for me for mountain sugarland on saturday or sunday morning is honest door to door with a doughnut stop it shipley for my son is may be 24 minutes now come about tuesday or wednesday morning that same drive know doughnuts stop is more like forty five or fifty minutes saleem road lovely just a different attitude amongst them nigerian people out there yeah yesterday when we uh whenever the uh when the show was over mmhmm which was at six o'clock right we we pulled out on the road and air was it took a little six year yep lowered down we often marlon okay let's not horrible far from there no no it's not thought battled all we've e no even though i'm a country boy in in a a maki here only whenever i have to i could still make that drive from our land to the george are brown in pretty much do it must sleep now with shows that you'll want to do it do you know now allowing oh really look forward i mean believe it or not i love all my people down here coana a lot of my clients for from in houston area and but add it just seemed like every time we come down here that we pick up whatever the buggy as this no no and so i'll tell you album loaded up with zach ham man and everything i can think of are just wafting everything and.

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