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Bill kersey bob calder patrick cone eric nap richard hendrix brian condron dave neighbor aiden jeff john bertram mountains lots of grad as devolve iran john not john rattener swami day freidel darryl my shack andrew swanson paul ronan bitch kerlin benton pseudostate dave wilkinson ben big nell richard porter peres anthony kevin kevin reardon kristof zouk nurek pansy lessees adkins sarah chavis r._t._m. Coach of our tom clifford ramos paul samson joan mckee john olds olds jason olds brian carrington christopher dryer lisa suzuki. Jim drapeau greg riley sean lambreau. Thanks steve liebmann. Kurt larson rudy garcia marjorie co in gary swims bird robert robert coburn greg britain's greg briggs brendan minhaj christopher rapid flying out aaron luthan matt sutter mark hasn't flow kevin para chan byron lee and e to ooh. Thank you for your support on patriae on and for anyone out there who is interested in how they to you you too can become a patriotic supporter. You can find a link at twists dot org next week. Show we will be broadcasting. Casting live online at eight p._m. Pacific time at twist dot org slash life and also at our youtube channel. You can watch enjoy chat rooms there but if you can't do that don't worry because everything's three things archived and saved for later and is also a podcast. You can also find all those wonderful episodes at twist dot org. Thank you for enjoying the show. Oh if you're interested just google this week in science anywhere i tunes or google it in google for that matter and it seems you are listening now. Oh just keep coming back to however you found it this time for more information on anything. You've heard here today shown us to be available on our website that's w._w._w. Me w._w. Dot twist dot org t. w. I s. as this weekend science dot org where he can also make comments and start conversations with hosts. That's us or other listeners. That's true. That's all of you but if you don't want to talk to all of them you can contact us. Directly email kissed mcpherson this weekend science dot com justin it with million edgy meal dot dot com or blair at blair baz at twist dot org just be sure to put twisty w._i._n._s..

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