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Twenty hundred new nit rules crosscourt feet stapleton leftwing three skims the right side of the river by stevens and penn state will now enter the front court leaves it for daughter rightwing create up in in my goodness shep garner unconscious six threes other night fifty two twenty five in favor of paint state that's money as soon as he lets it go you're almost no it's going in that's how well he's shooting here shooting here tonight mississippi state around the perimeter they get it inside to home and stuff hit home with two fifty two twenty seven homers determined to basically dunk everything that's near the basket garner is six of eight from downtown he's got eighteen points he may get the big ten single season record before this night is over he needed nine mar year right corner working on nick weather's group ten on the shot clock off a pump fake dribbles out towards the right elbow behind the back dribble five on the shot clock across the three lanes round the fritter it goes stepped out of play on the left wing so that will send it back to mississippi state verse we got a time out of the floor penn state running wild here at the garden fifty two twentyseven over mississippi state six minutes to go in the third from westwood one this is the semi finals drive time sports our guest of honor who's actually joining us right now olympic legend eric heiden it was all about you and the way you skated in those giant legs well thanks yeah i used to have to wait for that that usually comes up pretty quick conversation just gotta quit touching my leg drive time sports we day afternoon three to six on xtra sports thirteen hundred state farm robert robert somebody burned down my she shed no one bird down your she shed shero all really victims because my she sheds burning up in the backyard is she shared was struck by lightning cheryl robert state farm cover my she shed shed she turned out shed mature hideaway robert that's covered here that victor i'm getting a new she she she can we stop she shared now go with a win that's here to help life go right state farm talk to an agent today the capital one.

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