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If you're a new listener my name is Jane Perron. I like house plants. I'm not ashamed of it. How the devil all you? I hope you are continuing to thrive and survive during this weird scenario of lockdown that we remain in. Your view are being eased out of lockdown. Right now all I can say is lucky you but you know what we've got our plants we've got our leaves to look at and that makes life okay in this episode. I Meet Philip. Ocean brink the national collection holder of two different species of Aspe- district the Victorian favourite. The we should all be growing. I'll answer question about woltring snake plants and we meet listener rose. Yes another listener. Called rose a different one from before. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a house plant buddy on the thread. The you'll find on the House plans on the Ledge facebook group. There are lots of people there who are looking for somebody to chat to about their plants. All you need to do to get involved is put a comment on that thread off. Perhaps if you see someone else he shares interests or perhaps geographical location with you then add replied to their comment and you can team up and have a chat it might be via facebook messenger email. Zoom it's really up to you but it's not too late to join in so if you're feeling a bit bored lonely or fed up during lockdown then. This is a great way off. Livening up your life if you are not on facebook and want to get involved. Don't worry you still can just send a note to on the ledge. Podcast gmail.com letting me and Kelly. My assistant know roughly. What your intuition and where you're at and we will add a comment on your behalf and it'd be really great to make sure that every body or as many people as possible a paired up with somebody else who wants to chat with them so do go and have a look at that threat if you haven't done already it don't be shy because you know what planned people are. Lovely people are pulling to that in the show notes. Of course so you can click through easily enough and find it. If on the other hand you'd like to tell the whole listenership of on the ledge about who you are then meet. The listener is for you. You can drop a line to the same email on the ledge podcast gmail.com and Kelly will send you some instructions on how to take part and that's exactly what rose did. Let's hear.

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