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Will use cases that are going to be relevant thick your enterprise and so we in now would be down as we won't so published of the five youths cases we believe are truly foundational from cognitive blueprint standpoint one you know has to do with the the trust aspect of i am to before just to make sure that the fbi technology and the capability that you bringing in is truly trustworthy in the sense that it you're able to retain control off your data and you're also able to retain control of your insights i mean we have a very simple value proposition for customers there because we've talked to all this you know we just a y'all data's y'all duda not only that if there are any insights we draw from your duda it's going to be your insights so are and be make sure that are you know our cloud technology are artificial intelligence technology is architect it from the ground up so that we are able to support that and able to for wide that to every clients so that right off the bat they understand that this is assists situation that they can trust very much and they're not gonna get this intermediate or anything like that so that's a that's a that's a foundational use case that has to be in place that cuts across duda of technology and business process that you know you have to have them doing so that's kind of the first uh the first use case that's foundational the second one has to do with having a data strategy that's bolts you becoming any i company and we demonstrate that again to old experience would ibm how we did that for ibm and dassault people are able to follow along with that of them the next a foundational hughes cases actually having a cognitive and due to occupy for the enterprise like what is going to be the cognitive due to a backbone you know the technology platform the technology backbone about be enteprises blow to run on so that you can then stopped supporting all the process.

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