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The closer to achieving you probably means that he always knew that the health care vote would be contentious i was told it was closer but of course you don't have to be told it was closer the results were of failing vote so maybe more understandable way of expressing the sentiment would be i always knew that healthcare vote would be more contentious than i expect tax cuts to be that is him translated into competence speak and then when he goes it's not even a contests no it's not a contest two different pieces of legislation one of which felt now he hopes someone hearing my analysis is saying to themselves i'm being unfair i hope you're saying come mike it's not as bad as you make out you know what he means only a trump hater can't figure out what he's trying to say here is set of trump all the time may be it's true think about what those statements at up to what he means what he's trying to say so when trump is talking to the family of late david johnson he speaking to a mother who is a non collegeeducated black woman trump won three percent of the vote of non collegeeducated black women i don't know about the widow my you should johnson's educational attainment but even if she went college he got six percent of the vote of collegeeducated black women i bring it up for one reason it's only to point out that it is a demographic probability that the johnson's were not already trump backers as they sat in the limo with repre frederico wilson i think we could say where it's safe to assume they were not trump backers to believe in and this is not the case with most military families activeduty military voted overwhelmingly for trump to to one troops who said they were looking forward to a career in the military three to one and the other soldiers who died in niger who were not hearing from they were all white men in that category i am not guessing what the actual political leanings of the grieving families were and it's really quite possible the throw politics out the window you just want to connect to so on as a person i've just noting what's the dynamic of johnson family probably was.

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