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Key word you to fall ryan hard tower in trying bag w well one of the most reads is that michael reed of column every friday in the new york post in there today he's the voice of broadway also best selling author and rope is wonderful book called raz will dazzle it's about the evolution a broadway through the sixties seventies eighties excellent book it's even gonna be a tb many series you should get is called wrestled dazzle michael real how you doing i market that they would have a we haven't talked to you since the oscar store you watch him live when that that's happened i certainly was it was one of the one of wonderful moment staring oscar history i think i do have that they know that i thought it was a little unshakeable rid of warren baby you que when he opening realize something much off the just kind of ashe doctor or owned fade done away he would be the one to make the mistake are not the you know those hollywood elite liberal going lefty is you know would be a little more sensitive it's a good yeah and also when you're really in doubt you need something it's puzzling figured out why would you headed to fade on the way i know i mean yeah listen i i have great respect for hated done away you know what i mean i think that they when they were terrific actors in their day which in apparently was the movie you'd be therapist island you could say look pretty quick yup terry got affect i mean it was helen learned maybe she would no but they got away to win yes you wouldn't lowell on top of things probably but i you know i find that ironic that we had all this for the look the ops cruz last year because est i got spurs to white all those kind of things up what happened and they screwed up they give the award who just about the white it will be out there but got sorry it with a will be that is all about but you know black people growing up in it landed up with the one that with the offer and that's the one that got.

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