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That he was the backup catcher for the champion. Stan, yes, because or was the backup catcher and Wayne put everyone's last name on the ring. So my, my last name was Wehner. And so I would just quickly show it to people. And I would tell them I'm John Wayne or backup catcher for the. World champion Florida Marlins. I've that worked out well for me. You know what I mean, gusting whatever, what are you talking about? He's reservations, he is a broadcaster now for the Pittsburgh Pirates. And he was, you know, he was considered someone who was fun. But he would not, you know, nothing that resembled swagger was ever in his game because backup catchers in baseball, or not allowed to have swagger did point. And so he well, unless you're Paul Baako. So Bob Natal's. Oh, so we've stumbled upon something here. John Wayne said of Derek Dietrich Derek miles Davis, Paul Bach. Garrick teacher has seventeen home runs against the pirates. He's got like seven home runs in twenty two at bats. He's Babe Ruth all of a sudden he was on pace to break. Barry Bonds is record for home runs per at bat there. And he because he's been pimping out the trots John Wayne, who didn't hit many home. Runs. Said that Derek Dietrich's grandfather would be rolling over in his grave, if he saw the amount of enjoyment that Derek Dietrich was getting out of hitting his home runs. And I'm just curious as someone who's a baseball fan and you can be anti-fun. I'm curious what you think of what's happening here. No, I mean, I think look those guys especially to guys who aren't going to hit forty a year. Yeah. You gotta have fun. When you hit him. I mean I had no problem and that I mean you can go too far. Maybe you know, if you're starting to point at the pitcher and things like that, but you wanna have some fun with, it have fun with it guys backup catcher hall of fame. Oh, here we go. Go first ballot. I'm going to start the bidding itself is on. Oh, wow. I got you Greg son. Of course, a seaman. Wow. Eddie perez. Am I going to obscure with Scott decker? No, not at all. Not at all going. I think I have on guys Bobby delay. Charlie o'brien. Do you hate it? Ross. Hey, rod Barajas. Oh, that's a good one in my allowed to say Ramon, Castro. No, no. Why don't we went over this in the meeting? No Castro's in my compliance PowerPoint on it. That stand miss that, meaning the not how do I guess? I did we out of a how about Don slot? Am I going back to far too funny to go? No. I mean he would mash Don slot had a couple of seasons fifteen to twenty homers. I'm telling you. How about Jorges? Hey fabric gas. Got to know him in Miami. Great guy pickup, that name edges drum up. No. Or hey. Fabrica. Put it on the poll is the horror. Hey, Fabra guests namedrop the worst in the history of all drop names. Horry Fabra guests can really catch now. Really couldn't. In miami. And he used to run. Clinic for like local catchers, everything from youth up through high school, and college guys and go out and drill them on, like Saturday, mornings, and stuff. He was a great teacher of that stuff too. Yeah. That's a great name fabrics. Like deeply. Your vittorio. Every Friday, Don slot. Never had a season in which he hit fourteen home runs. He could match according to God's. I wanna do. Som. Som and boom boom, I had fifteen twenty billion couple of it's never more than thirteen Kelly than that. That he had have a couple of fifteen to twenty anyone carcass, right? We already did Kharkov ice. Ron Carter vice Matt only was his career high thirteen he did that once and then his other year was ten everything was fours and eights, who was who was the catcher in that platoon with slot in the pirates was it Mike level year. Have that right now? Okay. Good talk. Donlevatar get up or sportscenter..

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