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And I'll never forget the day. It happened. I got a text message. Hey, my name's Jane. And you know, my son's a friend of Anga says he was four at the time. And at that was it. I was done to the stay to the state before we sat down I go to miss from my daughter. She's now going to be seventeen Simi text agitated Shiva. No I've driven of to Jerome in. She sent me a text Donna TASR what you on his safe. It's cetera. That that connection that I have with my kids continues to this day the dividends from that decision. Hands down the biggest ROI in my life. I have a soon to be seventeen soon to be fifteen year old child at children daughter in a son and all of these complaints a hill. You know, teenage is, Aw, they don't respect to that unlisted to not my experience at all. At all. And it's an I absolutely put it back to that to making that critical decision at that time, you know, in the most of my stuff in some of the stuff we work in. We'll talk about how exactly we can create that. But it's just impresses knowing numbers. And knowing doing the eighty twenty new business and doing what you do best and spending time doubling down your successes said of repairing you'll mistakes. Now, it's funny when you turn that on its head, and you say, this is the result that I want right? This is the result that I want I want twenty five hour workweeks, I want real relationship with my kids. I wanna real relationship with my spouse, I want fulfillment in my life. I want to experience joy in my life. I'm done. Deferring. Joy, it always comes back to the same dry things that that you can't start with say of super motivated to get systemized. You're motivated to do isn't Ritchie relationships to spend less time in the office to have a real fulfilling joyful life, but it comes down to. To putting in the work getting systemized understanding the basics of business. And that's not the reason we're doing it. The reason we're doing it because we want fulfillment at our live. But you have to put the time in Earls, you're going to claw and scratch and be frustrated because you don't have the right vehicle to get you there. Yeah. Lois the bar. Make it easy for yourself to do something rather than hawed to do everything. Anything is this joy that you Shuki that I was looking for this piece this expansion. This this space that would be created was on the other side of that. And that motivated me to get that. I mean, I man I busted it out. And because I could see what I was doing this could see into the future. And there was an outcome. Talk about the full future. There was a trend that my kids would be raised by someone else that I barely knew. And I wanted no part of that. That was was way ahead children's what I signed up for others may choose it. That's great. It's just not my it's not. I wanted to be and I can tell you right now. Acilitator more drudgery. Yeah. By by getting support staff, and and people to delegate the important stuff to things that shouldn't be outsourced you now. It's funny. Just I mean hearing that outlawed. I mean, I've been doing that for years I've done that for years on the other side of it. But but it seems perfectly logical to have a house manager and housekeeper and an opaque there. You know, and a teenager that can drop off and pick up from soccer practice seems perfectly logical. So I can work more. Yeah. To support the people that I'm paying people to spend quality that spend quality time with my family. It's interesting, right. And so easy.

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