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When times get rough. And I just wasn't that today. My God has started off to a terrible start defense were playing. They were playing well home. But I killed our momentum to fumbles. Ah, I can't do that. I can't let you go. You got to respect that. He's he's taken ownership. But you got to keep the ball in the belly man agreed that I tell you the stats Ally to you here. There's so much it lies to you. House cowboys have the number one offense in football. Yeah. Might be the number one off, Just like that Just lies D'oh. It's stats. You know this lies. Damn lies and statistics. Right Number one number one offense and football. Did you just You just don't see it like not accurate. It's not accurate doesn't mean a thing. Don't look, It's dad's watch the games. And if you watched the Dallas Cowboys, you see a bad product inadequacies all across the board. And, as we learned today, apparently quite obvious ones, in terms of how the players proceed. The coaches this situation we think He's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better. All right, coming up. The Dauphin situation's pretty good, but you know, here we go to a time. Hashtag two is sitting there on the 15 face time because he's such a good kid time, Mel I could totally see him like just having because we met his dad. Mom and dad read it and maybe one of his siblings to Att. The Super Bowl last year he was the family is just amazing family When I saw that it just it just resident I felt it felt good in my heart to see him Do that Didn't surprise me knows who missed that. He's sitting on the 15 like Indian stock, cross legged if you will, and he's called his parents and his face time to share the moment. Hey, look, you know, after an arduous nine months, basically little board that Yeah. Here we are. We made it back and we threw a couple of passes and we completed it by the way. We're back and we're here. We're back on the football field, pretty pointing stuff. But did the Dolphins know Make the move a little early, Gonna dissect that There's a conversation to be had points made. Both ways will do it. And that's next is two against ready to come out of the pen for Miami. That's next on Tekin Tierney. All right, get it on all the football, actually draft kings, the leader and one day fantasy sports, not add to this week's excitement. Draftkings is a free shot at millions of dollars in total prizes. That's up for grabs Draft you line up and feel the sweat like little sweat. You know this? What is the What is that everyone was sweat with sweat means when you're coming down the stretch. And you don't know if you gonna win or lose, And it's that rush that is very hard to replicate. Quite frankly, that's the sweat, but you got a little something, whether it's a little something on a team. Whether it's a little something on a lineup. That's what to do with Draftkings. It's absolutely Phenomenal, simple. Just pick your lineup. Stand to the salary cap. See how your team stacks up against the competition. Nothing adds to the excitement of watching the game quite like you have a shot at millions of dollars in prizes. So if you're looking forward to this weekend's UFC 2 54 5 It's an afternoon start, by the way, All.

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